The "90 Day Fiance" stars Tiffany Franco and Ronald have announced on January 28, on their social media that they have broke up. It might be a surprise to so many fans since they had no issues recently.

Tiffany Franco wanted to be the first person to reveal to the public that the pair have split up. All the posts she uploaded were shown on her Instagram story.

On the post she uploaded, she thanked her followers for following up with her Instagram stories as she explained that she loves Ronald, but sometimes things can be irreparable.

Ronald gives his story about the breakup with Tiffany Franco

Ronald Smith, who currently lives in South Africa, also said his part of the story on his Instagram account. He said that Tiffany is unfaithful to him. He thanked his followers and said the relationship he had with Tiffany did not work for him. He said that he would be filing a divorce in South Africa because she is not registered as a married woman in the United States.

Tiffany indirectly called Smith a toxic person. She wrote that she wishes nothing but good things for Ronald, but she will not waste one second of her time being unhappy.

Tiffany also said that she never cheated on Smith and that is why she thinks it's a way to make it seems\ like she is the reason for their break up.

She explained that she does not like to put this kind of matter on social media, but she knows their relationship is very public, and she owes the explanation to her fans.

According to Hollywood Life, Tiffany concluded the post by telling her followers that's all she can share for now on social media. She wrote that all she tried to do was try to love him and make the relationship work out.

Fans encourage Tiffany to feel better

On Tiffany's most recent post, she uploaded on Instagram. Her fans commented Talking about the break up with Ronald; someone said: "I see what happened. You tried hard. You even protected him when all was down in the gutter. You stayed strong and it just couldn't go any longer. I know exactly what happened.

I support your decision. We have we have to do what is right for our children and holding onto air doesn't ever works! Sending positive vibes." It seems like her fans understand what she is going through and want to help her get through it.

Tiffany replied and said: "Thank you for understanding, it feels good for someone to understand you have no idea."

It's unclear what will happen with the two moving forward.