"90 Day Fiance" fans know that Zied's quite a jealous person when it comes to Rebecca. And, he's working really hard to keep her for himself. What started out as an unlikely couple now seems like something positive. And, while he still awaits his visa for the USA, he uses his time wisely so he can provide for Rebecca when the big moment finally arrives. In fact, he just graduated from his HVAC course.

Zied admits he's jealous - '90 Day Fiance' star works for their future

Fans of "90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days" can recall that Zied's much younger than Rebecca.

But, that didn't put him off too much. Zied faced a series of issues with Rebecca, who unfortunately kept quit a few things hidden from him. These hidden secrets eventually came out. And, one of those involved the fact she was still married. Technically, at least. Their divorce was in process, but not finalized. That freaked out Zied, who by then had fallen in love with her.

In one scene, when he found a photo of an ex on her phone, he admitted that his jealously sometimes got a bit out of control. And, he also acknowledged that he's pretty much a "controlling" type of person. Nevertheless, the couple worked through their problems and still seem to be going strong despite the distance between them.

While awaiting his visa, Zied's worked really hard on his physical appearance, and other things so he can provide for them in the USA.

Rebecca announces Zied passed his HVAC course, still await visa

On her Instagram, we previously saw that Zied went off and got his driving license. Plus, we know from her that he started studying so he could hold down a career in the USA.

Fans can probably recall the funny scene when she questioned him about his work. He replied, "Work, Baby so maaach work." That went down in the history of sayings from the "90 Day Fiance" franchise. In fact, calendars, mugs, and posters actually sell on Etsy. Actually there, fans find Angela Deem's "I can tote the egg" bags, and toilet sets about Jihoon's clean family behinds.

But obviously, Zied needed more than "work Baby so maaach work" on his resume for the USA. And, Rebecca's thrilled to announce that he graduated. On her Instagram, she posted a pic of him holding a certificate. She captioned it with, "Congratulations to my love @tlc_90day_zied for graduating his HVAC class! I’m so proud of you for everything you’re doing for us to have a good life together baby!" And, in answer to a question about Zied, she told fans that the "90 Day Fiance" couple unfortunately still awaits his visa for the USA.

What do you think about Zied using his time wisely and working hard for a future for him and Rebecca in the USA? Do you hope his visa comes through soon? Would you enjoy seeing them on a spinoff like "Happily Ever After?

" Did you know that he studied for his HVAC course? He could end up working in air quality services in the states.

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