We saw a lot of fights and disagreements between the reality star, Danielle Jbali, and her now ex-husband. She met her ex-husband, Mohamed Jbali, in an online chat room. They had what seemed to be a connection and quickly got engaged. They both realized things about themselves on the show. She realized that Mohamed didn't have a job, and Mohamed found out that she was using someone's card fraudulently. They ignored all the red flags and went ahead with the wedding.

Mohamed eventually got his K-1 visa. However, their marriage was a long way from happily ever after.

"Mohamed peaced out right after the show ended and moved to Miami", Cosmopolitan reported earlier this year. Danielle was sad and angry, so she filed for an annulment in hopes that he would be deported back to his country but, sadly, that did not work out. They divorced and went their separate ways.

During the show, Beth Maher, Danielle's close friend, was always in support of her and was there to back her up and give advice.

Now that the show is over, Danielle is focused on herself.

Danielle shows off her weight loss on social media

Danielle shared on Instagram, that she had lost 15 pounds since beginning her weight loss journey. Fans are very happy for her and are giving their full support to her in the comments.

She told them that she had been watching what she ate and walking more. It becomes rather obvious when you look at recent photos of her on her Instagram.

Danielle later shared with the public that the secret to feeling beautiful was not about weight loss but surrounding yourself with the right people. She spends a lot of time with her special grandchildren.

She explained that what makes her feel beautiful is being with the right partner and surrounding herself with people that love her because the bad does not last forever.

Danielle often then shares on social photos of herself in beautiful dresses. She shares positivity through her photos. It looks like she has moved passed her ex-husband, Mohamed.

Danielle also revealed at one stage since the show ended that she had been seeing someone new, and she knew him while she and Mohamed were on the show. He was there for her when Mohamed left.

Danielle Jbali sends a message to her haters

Sadly, people are saying negative things about the '90 Day Fiance' alum. Danielle shared a private message with a caption saying that the public only sees a fraction of her life. The messages were filled with unnecessary hate with one of the commenters saying she "should kill herself". That probably explains the post below where she mentioned that it's not okay to try and destroy people's lives.

Danielle Jbali sent a message to her haters, explaining that everyone has their struggles but, the difference is that hers is public.

Jbali says she doesn't have anyone to lean on in times of struggles except for one friend and her children. She is focused on loving herself and working on her goals right now. Fans hope one day they'll see Danielle again on one of the spin-offs of the TLC show.