Lisa Marie Presley and soon to be ex-husband Michael Lockwood's divorce trial date has been officially set. According to Radar Online reports, new legal documents have been obtained that reveal a July 20, 2020 court has been set by the judge. This gives each Lisa Marie and Michael Lockwood six months to prep for what could be the biggest celebrity divorce case of all times.

Michael Lockwood claims Lisa Marie Presley turned daughters against him

The legal documents also reveal that the judge has allowed almost a full month for the divorce trial. If needed, the trial could last until August 10, 2020, when the final decision will be reached.

There are a lot of details to work out between Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Lockwood and their legal teams before the judge's ruling.

Who will win custody battle over twin daughters Harper and Finley?

Presley reportedly fully expects things to get nasty. Ever since the former couple announced their decision to end their 10-year marriage back in June of 2016, the gloves have been off, and things between Lisa and Michael have been pretty brutal, especially when it comes to the custody of their 11-year-old twin daughters Harper and Finley.

Presley claims that Lockwood has been inappropriate with the twins claiming that she found disturbing photos of the girls on Lockwood's personal computer. The accusations instilled a full-fledge investigation with Child Protective Services.

Lockwood has denied all accusations of inappropriate behavior and countered that he believes Presley has been coaching the girls to accuse him.

Lisa Marie set to revisit drug addiction in court

Lisa can all expect to relive her drug addiction and finances again in court. Lisa openly admitted that during her marriage to Lockwood, she was abusing cocaine, prescription pain pills, and alcohol.

Presley states that she is clean and sober after completing an extended rehab stint. As for her finances, well, Lisa claims that she is broke for a couple of reasons, mainly poor management and mistrust at the hands of her former business manager.

The divorce trial will not be an easy one for either Lisa Marie Presley or Michael Lockwood.

However, Lisa is not new to the divorce process. This is Lisa Marie's fourth divorce. Past spouses include Danny Keough, who is the father of Lisa's daughter Riley Keough and Son Benjamin Keough. Lisa next surprised fans marrying the late King of Pop legend Michael Jackson from 1994-1996. In 2002 Lisa married actor Nicholas Cage. The marriage was also shortlived with the two divorcing in 2006.

In Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Lockwood's upcoming divorce trial, the judge will also make the final decisions on the soon to be exes custody arrangements and child support orders. It will not be an easy summer for the only child of Elvis and the Presley clan. Hopefully, Presley and Lockwood can come to a mutual agreement, one that makes things as easy as possible for all involved, especially the children.