lisa marie presley is willing to do whatever it takes to help get herself and her family out of the massive debt that they are in. It is reported that Lisa Marie is so desperate for cash that nothing is off limits, according to the Hollywood News Daily. Things are so bad that even Lisa's mom priscilla presley is moving to bring some extra cash.

Elvis Presley's daughter looking for ways to make a living

According to HND, Priscilla is asking former lovers whom she gifted elvis presley memorabilia to return it to her so she can sell the rare items to the highest bidder to raise funds to help Lisa out.

The private life of the only daughter of legendary Elvis Presley has been blasted all over the news for the past few years since announcing she was filing for divorce from her fourth husband Michael Lockwood.

Presley family secrets at risk

As previously reported, Lisa Marie Presley revealed that she was broke and that all of her father's inheritance was long gone. Now that the custody battle between her and Lockwood is moving into a long drawn out and expensive legal battle, Lisa needs more than ever. Lisa Marie claims she is more than $16 million in debt and has had very few work opportunities. She also has more than one very costly legal case going on. Besides her divorce and custody cases, she has also filed a lawsuit against her ex-business manager for financial mismanagement.

However, it now appears that Lisa Marie Presley may have finally figured out a way to get herself back on track financially...enter the tell-all book deal. A source close to Presley's situation allegedly told Radar Online that Lisa Marie has a lot to write about.

Elvis Presley fans could save Lisa financially

You can bet that Elvis Presley die-hard fans will be flocking to bookstores by the masses to get a copy of Lisa's story should she decide to write the book.

A book about her life, and especially anything she should reveal about her late father, Elvis, would be a huge money maker and Lisa would most likely have no problem making piles of cash. Maybe even enough to pay her debt off and get herself back on track.

In the tell-all, Lisa Marie would most likely open up on her years of drug addiction issues which led to five different rehab stays and how she was severely addicted to cocaine, prescription pills, and alcohol during her marriage to Lockwood.

Should Lisa Marie also get into the troubled family relationships with her mom Priscilla Presley and half-brother Navarone Garibaldi? RO's source claims the book would obviously cause a lot of stress in her family and some others that have been involved in her life, but it is a hit she is willing to take. Lisa Marie Presley has put the willingness to write the book out there, so she is most likely getting some offers already, but will wait to write the book until her divorce and custody case gets officially settled.

“There’s nothing more motivating than money,” a source spilled. “Especially for someone as desperate as Lisa!” Would you be interested in reading a Lisa Marie Presley tell-all book about her life?