lisa marie presley has had to come clean about a lot of private and personal issues pertaining to her life since filing for divorce from her fourth husband Michael Lockwood. It is no secret that Lisa Marie's famous father Elvis Presley battled his own demons when it came to money and drugs. However, it appears as if Lisa is more like the King than even she realized.

Scary resemblance to Elvis

As previously reported, Lisa Marie Presley claims she is broke and is unable to pay the outrageous amount of money her soon to be ex is demanding. Michael Lockwood demands his Legal Fees totaling nearly one half a million dollars be paid by Lisa, and he also wants spousal support in the amount of $40,000 a month.

Cocaine, prescription pills and alcohol may have contributed to money problems

Lisa claims she is broke and living with her daughter and has no means to pay even close to these outrageous amounts Lockwood feels he is entitled to. Reports reveal that Lisa Marie has come forward with a lawsuit against her former business manager, who she claims blew all her Elvis inheritance on bad business ventures. She is suing Barry Siegel for $100 million.

It does not end there. Barry, in turn, is suing Presley. He claims there were a few business investments that went bad, however, Lisa' finances were in a shambles long before them. He claims she has a major overspending problem and continued to live above her means even when she knew money was dwindling away.

Radar now reports that Lisa Marie Presley has admitted that during the last three years of her marriage to Michael Lockwood she was "abusing cocaine Terribly!" The only daughter of Elvis and mother of five admits that she has been to rehab five times trying desperately to kick her addiction demons. She claims that coke was not the only problem, she also reveals she was abusing prescription pills and mixing them with alcohol at a dangerous level.

“I had to go to rehab several times. I was a mess. I couldn’t stop,” she said in the bombshell documents obtained by Radar. “The last year of our marriage, I was abusing cocaine terribly,” Presley said. “It was bad, yeah.”

She admits to fearing that she would suffer a similar fate as her famous father and that she went to Mexico "three or fours" times to rehab.

Fans and Presley news followers have wondered just how Lisa Marie Presley managed to exhaust such a large inheritance from her father's estate in such a short time.

With such a major addiction to drugs, that could explain Lisa Marie's elaborate spending sprees. Cocaine and pills are expensive to obtain, not to mention rehab. This could play a huge part in Lisa Marie's divorce and custody settlement with Lockwood. LMP claims she is sober now and plans to stay that way.

We wish her the best and hope for her sake she is sober and stays that way, not only for herself but for the sake of her children. No one wants to see Lisa Marie Presley suffer the same tragic fate as her father Elvis.