Things are starting to heat up for "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Lisa Rinna after her husband of 22 years, Harry Hamlin recently shared the news of one of their biggest marital secrets according to Hollywood News Daily. Fact is Harry spilled the beans during a recent interview that he has been keeping his "divorce lawyer on speed dial" on his phone just in case.

Harry Hamlin fears things may not always work out with Lisa Rinna

Hamlin claims that his reasoning is quite justified. His main concern is due to the fact that Rinna continues to star on the "RHOBH" Bravo reality series and that everyone who stars on that show past or present has or is splitting up.

Harry could also have a couple of other reasons behind his actions. Harry's marriage to Lisa is his third, so he is no rookie when it comes to nasty breakups.

Before Rinna, Harry was previously married to Laura Johnson and Nicollette Sheridan. "Real Housewives" fans may very well remember Lisa Rinna mocking Sheridan on last season's Reunion Special. Harry also mentioned in the recent interview that Lisa is very aware of this information and that he always uses the same divorce attorney.

Is Lisa Rinna next to fall to the 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' marriage curse?

This news definitely has fans scratching their heads and wondering if perhaps Lisa Rinna's portrayal of a happy marriage is just a bit of a stretch.

It has also been noticed that Harry Hamlin is also rarely seen these days with Lisa on the hit Bravo series. However, Rinna is often asked about Harry's absence and constantly telling her "RHOBH" besties that things are really great between them.

Could it be that Lisa and Harry are orchestrating some plot to kick up Rinna's storyline excitement?

Anything is possible, or things in Hamlinville are just not what they seem. There will be plenty of drama stirred up amongst the housewives in the upcoming season. Fans have been taking notice that the cast members have already started to mix things up a bit.

There have been plenty of remarks aimed at Rinna's co-star, Denise Richards, first off.

Rinna has been calling Richards out on social media over her absence, suggesting that there is something a bit off about Denise's lack of filming. Richards has revealed that she has been quite ill of late and recently undergone emergency hernia surgery, which has left her laid up while she recovers.

Brandy Glanville's return will be explosive

That hasn't stopped the other "RHOBH" cast members from throwing Denise under the bus, though. Denise has yet to respond to Lisa Rinna's comments and questions on social media at this time. The upcoming season should prove to be quite challenging after Brandi Glanville announced that she would be making her return to series.

Who will Brandy Glanville fallout with, and who will she join alliances with?

Well, if the last season Brandi appeared in gives us any hints of what is to come, then fans can rest assured that there will some major catfights going down between the women; everyone could have a target on that back at any given moment.

What are your thoughts on Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna's marriage are they hinting of things to come? Time will tell all when "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" returns to Bravo in January 2020.