"90-Day Fiance" franchise by TLC is making history. For the first time, a same-sex couple will be in the show. The show is a reality show that reveals how Americans go to a foreign country and find love. Previously, these couples only met online. According to E Online, on February 23 they will debut a same-sex couple. Stephanie and Erika are shown in the preview of Season 4.

The outlet tells us that Stephanie is a 29-year-old woman from "Yonkers, New York." She is an "online influencer" and Erika is a 24-year-old woman from Australia, where she is a photographer.

Stephanie and Erika met when Erika messaged her as a fan. As we see in the preview, Stephanie has not revealed to her parents about her sexual orientation, yet she meets with Erika in Australia. Viewers are likely to see a lot of reactions on the show.

As if the complication was not enough, Stephanie has a serious health problem. She has a rare case of a bone marrow disorder that will need proper clearance from her doctor before she's allowed to travel. She will also need proper medication that will keep her stable. Stephanie reveals that with her health condition, even a common cold can kill her.

Darcey Silva returns to the show with her man

Another big reveal on the show is the return of fan-favorite, Darcey from Connecticut.

In October, Darcey and her British boyfriend were featured in the Tell All Special and their relationship did not look so happy. According to ET Online, judging by the preview, they are not together. When Tom attempted to kiss her. Darcey stated that she feels Tom is "hiding something".

The 45-year old says she doesn't trust Tom and is uncomfortable because she feels he is hiding something.

Darcey and Tom previous break up

Lauren Zima spoke to Darcey Silva at the 90 Day Mixer in Hollywood, California. Darcey tried to push the questions away but later admitted that they're not very strong. Darcey and Tom have not seen eye to eye. Darcey is looking for a serious relationship, and her relationship with Jesse Meester did not work out.

She communicated with Tom Brooke online for four years. Tom broke up with Darcey with no good reason, it seems, saying he just wanted to be single and she could date anyone else if she wanted to. Darcey knows she is strong and has managed to walk out of the hurt and confusion she was going through when he called it quits.

Fans are very excited about Darcey Silva returning to the show

We do not know yet whether or not Darcey and Tom are together but, one thing we know for sure is, a lot of fans can't hold in their excitement. They are super happy that Darcey would be on the show. Darcey has captured the heart of viewers from across the world.

Are you looking forward to the next season of 90 Day faince: before the 90 days? Are you keen to see the first lesbian couple featured on the franchise?

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