"90-day fiancé" reality stars, Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester have very different personalities and are from different backgrounds. 29-year-old Syngin met Tania in South Africa. They traveled and explored nature until they agreed to come to Connecticut to get Syngin's K-1 visa after the proposal.

Syngin is beginning to question the future of his relationship with Tania

Fans think Syngin is beginning to have doubts. He is concerned about what the future holds for them. He is also possibly wondering whether or not the marriage will work out. He said that a lot of doubtful thoughts are beginning to creep in.

You can see him react in the video clip from TLC below.

The clip shows that Tania traveled to Costa Rica for 30 days to become a herbalist, just after Syngn arrived. She said in the clip that she wants to be "the community witchdoctor." Syngin is finding the thought of living with Tania's mom alone in the house awkward.

Syngin felt lonely without Tania

Tania's travel is affecting Syngin because he feels very lonely. He explained that he doesn't know anyone or anywhere to go. He said that coming to America affected him and now Tania leaving him there makes him feel worse. But Syngin can't risk leaving the country until the visa process finishes. In the show, we saw him tell Tania that it would be hard to stay in her mother's shed.

In the show, we saw Tania advise her future husband to lay low to avoid any issues with her mother. Meanwhile, Tania's mother noted that Syngin would have to help out in the house if he's going to stay and he will have to fill in for the gap made by Tania's absence. While Tania may feel bad that she has to leave her fiancé for 30 days she also seemingly has no regrets and is very firm about her decision.

She says she's "investing" in their future as a couple.

Tania says Syngin is the 'clingiest man' she has met

During the last episode, we saw Tania going to the airport. There, she told the producers: “Syngin definitely is the clingiest man I’ve ever been with.” She revealed that Syngin always wants to talk to her but she doesn't feel the need for that.

She also wishes that he could trust in their relationship and not depend on how much they talk.

The 29-year-old "90 Day Fiance" couple parted on good terms as Syngin gave Tania a heart-shaped gift with a heart-shaped shaped card reading "my suger." That's the way the couple spells the original word " sugar". They said their goodbyes and Syngin added that he loves her and supports whatever she does. Fans on social media have been upset with Tania for being too bossy while they have commended Syngin for being supporting and caring.

It is unclear whether the two have split right now. We will have to continue watching the series and hope their relationship survives.