Within weeks of being introduced on “90 Day Fiancé,” Anny and Robert have already become one of the show’s most interesting couples.

Robert raised many eyebrows when he proposed to Anny within hours of meeting Anny in her home country of the Dominican Republic. She said yes and the 41-year-old man from Winter Park, Florida had to deal with some pushback from his family and friends.

Despite not knowing Anny enough, he decided to bring his 30-year-old fiancé to the United States anyway. However, it looks like things could become more complicated for the couple.

Anny and Robert's apartment woes

Anny is learning just how complicated the world of apartments is in the United States. In a teaser clip, for the next episode of “90 Day Fiancé,” Robert is seen showing a possible apartment to Anny, reports EOnline. Due to the ample closet space and beautiful rooms, she loved the apartment. She even said she could already imagine herself relaxing and appreciating the view outside of the space.

However, Anny became disappointed when Robert revealed that they would not be able to move into the space for a year. He had just signed a contract to renew his lease on his current apartment. He did not want to spend additional money for another home.

At first, Anny did not understand how leases work.

After the apartment’s real estate agent and Robert explained it to her, she became agitated. She told Robert off for getting her hopes up.

It wasn't the first time that Robert and Anny had a major argument. Within a week of arriving in the United States, Anny had already aired her disappointment with her fiancé.

According to her, Robert promised that he would give her a new iPhone and a shopping spree.

However, she was surprised when the “shopping spree” turned out to be at a thrift store. She had expected that he would bring her to expensive designer stores like Chanel or Versace. She even called the clothes in the thrift store “ugly.” Anny was also shocked to find out that Stephanie worked in the adult film industry, reports In Touch Weekly.

Robert and Anny on '90 Day Fiancé'

The two are unique, in the “90 Day Fiancé” franchise, because none of them have been married before. While Robert has five children, from four different relationships, he never tied the knot with any woman before. Most couples in the franchise have at least one partner who has been previously married.

It can be recalled that Robert and Anny met each other for the first time when he went on a cruise. Robert proposed to her right away. Anny, however, made it clear that she wanted their wedding to be at the beach in Miami. She also emphasized that she wanted an expensive menu at the wedding.

Are Robert and Anny still together?

Anny may have an aggressive personality but she was not able to convince Robert to hold their wedding on the beach. It turns out that the two married each other in a chapel in central Florida. The wedding is said to have happened on September 12.