"90 Day Fiance" fans often hear about Paul Staehle and Karine and their marital issues. Almost countless times, we heard she wants a divorce. As reported in September, it arose yet again. We noted that on Instagram Paul said he took a call from Karine's divorce lawyer. Many fans got thoroughly sick of it. Now, Paul upped the ante by naming someone he accused of having an affair with Karine. That someone, according to Paul is none other than musician, Blake Sakal. Fans went over to his Instagram to diss on him.

Karine wants a divorce from '90 Day Fiance' Paul Staehle again

US Weekly also reported about Karine desiring a divorce from Paul back in November. Things escalated since his first post about Karine's lawyer. The outlet mentioned, " Paul, 30, shared a statement about the rocky couple’s relationship status along with a GIF of Rick and Morty character Jerry Smith crying. The message, which was in Portuguese, noted that Karine, 23, “started divorce proceedings” in Manaus, Brazil."

Lately, Paul's Instagram becomes very active with him dissing on Karine. In fact, "90 Day Fiance" fans on blogger John Yates' Instagram think he should keep this private, they wonder why Paul keeps hanging out his dirty washing on social media.

John screenshot an Instagram post by Paul where he alleged in a cryptic way that Blake Sakal intends being his son Pierre's stepdad. You can find John's post by searching on Instagram for johnyates327tv.

Paul's post about Blake Sakal the musician and Karine

Paul wrote, "To Pierre soon to be step dad. Merry Christmas." Then he tagged Karine, his son Pierre and Blake.

Later, John Yates shared on Twitter that he spoke to Paul. In that post, John noted, "I talked to Paul earlier today about what was going on and I kind of believe him. Supposedly this guy Blake wants to have babies with Karine and has been hanging out with her alone without Paul at his place having nightcaps with her."

Blake's a vocalist for The Instruction band.

He lives in Louisville, Kentucky. He runs an Instagram account where people can watch his various clips that also feature on iTunes, Spotify, and more outlets. In one thread, a critic said about the interview, "it was like watching Paul's Blair Witch Project with him walking around." Actually, Paul Staehle's hated by many "90 Day Fiance" fans.

Fans of '90 Day Fiance' go over to Blake's Instagram and diss on him

Over on Blake's Instagram, it looks like he got extra followers.

Some of them went there just to slam him about Karine, and to warn him. One fan kicked it off by asking, "You gonna be the daddy?" Meanwhile, another fan noted, "i came to say something too lol." Yet another, said they came on over "just for the comments." One "90 Day Fiance" fan noted, "So your having an affair with Karine?" And another pointed out Karine "iterally liked every single picture...captain obvious here (sic.)"

But, the fan reactions never stopped there. One critic suggested, "Your new IG name should be it’s Mr. Steal your girl lmboo." And, then came this diss, "You dead ass having an affair with KARINE?! Dude run as far as you can wtf." Actually, that dissed on Karine too. Plenty of critics do that as they believe she doesn't keep her son, herself, or her home clean and tidy.

What do you think about this next step in Paul Staehle and Karine's divorce drama? Do you think Blake Sakal's really having an affair with Karine?

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