On Sunday's new episode, Michael and Angela received terrible news.

The 30-year-old Michael has been denied the US visa. He revealed the news to his 54-year-old lover, Angela, when they were on a FaceTime call. Michael also breaks down in tears as he explained how he had been denied.

According to Online, Angela does not understand why they would deny Michael his visa. She explains that she has visited Michael in Nigeria twice. She also says that she would never give up on him getting the permit, she called herself "a fighter".

Angela was distraught because she believes that she is a good citizen.

She says that she pays her taxes, and she has done her possible best to prove to the government how real her relationship with Michael is.

Angela wanted Michael to come to America before she heard that his visa had been denied

Angela initially wanted Michael to come to Georgia for Nigeria, and they already had it planned. It is essential to Angela that Michael comes to America because she can't have a long-distance relationship. Angela said that if he got the visa, he would be "the man of the house", and he would help her take care of her grandchildren and some things in the house.

Angela was scared that Michael would be denied his visa

According to Eonline, in last week's episode, Angela was anxious about Michael. She was thinking about what would happen if he couldn't come to America and start a life with her. Michael was too confident, and she complained that he should take it more seriously. She tried to make him understand that the K-1 visa was very important, and it was a final yes or no.

Michael said that he was nervous but also confident, and he felt like nothing could go wrong. Michael tried to convince Angela that he could go through the interview, but she was never satisfied as she later said that if he does not get the visa, she will end the relationship.

Michael and Angela don't know what to do after his visa has been denied.

Angela stated that the relationship was going to end if he didn't get the visa. She is very angry with the process and protocols to get the visa, but she is not giving up.

A lot of fans were furious when they heard that she would end the relationship if he did not get the visa, but, for her, she was only realistic. We do not know how long she would try to get Michael into America before she gives up but, one thing is for sure, she would end the relationship if he can't come to the States, as she stated earlier.

Michael fights with his friends over Angela

In the last season of "90-Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days," Michael's friend, Ade, calls Angela 'trashy'. Angela throws a drink at him, and Michael supports her strongly.

On Sunday, December 22, Michael tells his friend about the current situation but explains to them that even if the visa has been denied, he still loves her. His friends feel like he is making a big mistake with Angela.

American friends tell Michael that the chances of marrying Angela are low

Michael meets up with his new American friends he met in Lagos. They tell him bluntly that living in Georgia is not as easy as he thinks, and Angela cannot give him a child, and his family wants him to have a child.