"90 Day Fiance" stars Angela and Michael hit the screen again after "90-day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days." They now appear in the current season 7 of the show. Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi have been doing a lot of preparation lately for the K-1 visa. They had a very unstable relationship on "Before The 90 Days" and almost did not make it through season two because of the constant fighting and near breakups. They have finally moved past it and are now preparing to move forward with their relationship by getting the visa that would bring Michael to the United States.

However, Angela doesn't believe Michael is taking it seriously as he should.

According to Heavy, Laura says that the K-1 visa interview is very important, and it is also the last step to getting him to the US. She wants him to take it seriously because she knows very well that if he doesn't, he will be denied the opportunity. They have discussed their future together a lot of times, including having babies even though Angela may not be able to have one biologically.

The 90-day reality stars, Angela and Michael, have caught the eyes of many wondering fans. Many fans are wondering if they are still together and if Michael will get approved for the visa.

Michael tries to calm Angela down as she worries about his interview

In a TLC clip on YouTube, Angela explains how she's "sweating to death" because of how much she's worried about Michael's interview. Michael assures her on the video call that he will be fine, and they will get through it. Michael is confident in getting through the process for America, but he eventually admits that he is nervous as well.

Angela is worried about him not convincing them that they have a genuine relationship and he might be denied. After all the convincing Michael did, Angela is still not convinced he is taking the interview seriously. She notes that if he doesn't get approved, she will end the relationship as she is getting old.

It is unclear whether Michael and Angela are married

The couple has decided not to disclose the information on their visa status. Although, because they post a lot on social media, fans think they are still together.

According to a previous episode, Angela Deem expects Michael to work if he gets the visa so that he would be able to take care of her grandchildren while he looks for a job in the States. Scottie Deem, Angela's daughter, is in jail presently serving two years of a 20 years sentence for molesting a child, so Angela stays with the children and her daughter, Skyla, now, which means there are plenty of people in the house currently. Angela told producers during an earlier series that she would not tolerate laziness from Michael, and she expects him to support her rather than kick back, playing PlayStation and watching TV.

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