Guess who is returning to the "90 Day Fiancé" Show? Angela and Michael. The two will be featured in season 7, of this TLC hit show, as Michael tries to secure a K-1 visa that will permit him to relocate to the United States to stay with his fiancé, Angela. The only hurdle left is the visa interview. Michael has to convince the K-1 visa interviewing panel that he is, indeed, worthy of moving to the United States. If he fails to do so, the chance of him moving to Georgia becomes bleak.

The Nigerian has been preparing for that much-anticipated interview for a while now.

Any outcome of this interview will surely have a significant impact on his relationship with Angela. Therefore, he needs to be at his best during the interview. Success in this K-1 visa interview will mean he moves to the United States to live with Angela. Failing the interview means they have to consider other options.

Angela Does Not Feel Convinced by Michael’s K-1 Visa Interview Preparation

However, there seems to be a sudden twist in events leading to the K-1 Visa interview. In the latest preview of the next episode, Angela seems worried about the level of preparation Michael is channeling to this upcoming vital interview. She appears nervous and does not believe that Michael has given this visa thing a much serious thought.

According to EOnline, Angela said "I'm sweating to death worrying about this visa now," "We will be fine. There will be no problem. If you're putting on a damn show, they going to know it and you're going to be denied"

Michael is confident

On his part, Michael is pretty much confident of sailing through the interview without any problem.

Through a video call, he assures Angela that he is more than ready and will not disappoint her at all. Michael believes he has all that it takes to earn the K-1 visa and move to Georgia as soon as possible.

But, the level of confidence seen in Michael by Angela seems to raise some eyebrows. She becomes tempted to ask him where he is getting all this unmatched self-belief from.

As a result, Angela concludes that maybe Michael might mess up during the interview and be deemed unfit for the K-1 visa.

K-1 visa interview of Michael

Angela demystifies some of the questions and documents he will need to answer for him to pass the K-1 visa interview. She also confirms that the interview is not only the last but also a crucial step of the K-1 visa approval. Therefore, it is essential that Michael takes it seriously or else the government authorities that issue this type of visa might reject his application. Stay tuned for more updates on "90 Day Fiance."