Michael and Angela is a couple that has been featured in two seasons of “90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days.” Due to their popularity among the show’s fans, the couple has joined the seventh season of the mothership show, with viewers excited to see their journey towards marriage.

Angela, a 53-year old woman from Georgia, maintains a long-distance relationship with the 31-year old Michael. With the two getting featured in a few more episodes this season, it seems that there will be major issues and challenges that will transpire between the couple.

Angela demands for Michael's visa on '90 Day Fiancé'

It looks like one major problem that will happen between Michael and Angela will be the matter of his visa. Michael, who hails from Lagos, Nigeria, mentioned that he is due for an interview for a K1 visa soon.

Angela, who has been anxiously waiting for him to come to America, said that she is quite hopeful that the visa application will be approved. She is certain enough of its approval that she already got a Botox procedure. This is so that she will have a “fresh” look when they meet up.

Once Michael moves to America, they plan to live in a home that they will share with her family. This huge family includes her mother, Angela’s daughter, and six grandchildren.

Angela intends to be the breadwinner of the family. She expects Michael to take care of the household instead of her.

However, all these plans will only happen if the visa application gets approved. During a clip from the show, she warned Michael that if he will not be able to get a visa, they might have to break up. In saying this she references her age, saying that she is not getting any younger.

Michael’s expectations

Meanwhile, Michael has lunch with some friends from America. During the course of the meal, they ask him about his plans when he moves in with Angela. They raise their eyebrows when he explains that he wants to have children with his fiancé.

When they realize that Angela is already 53 years old, he backtracks.

He then says that getting an IVF and sourcing an egg from Angela’s daughter are possibilities. But one of the people present during the lunch tells him how expensive IVF is in America.

They also warn him that racism is still very much alive in some areas of Georgia. This makes Michael pause as he considers his future with Angela.

Michael and Angela's history

As with most couples on “90 Day Fiancé,” Michael and Angela met each other online. Angela, who is a nursing assistant in a hospice, chatted with Michael for several months on Facebook over the phone.

When they met in Nigeria for the first time, she wanted to propose right away. But she decided to get to know Michael better first because she didn't want to make a major mistake in her life.

Of course, Angela’s friends gave her plenty of warning that Michael might just be using her to move to America. But she said that they really fell in love and she was determined to push through with their marriage. Stay tuned for more "90 Day Fiance" updates.