Thanks to the successful launch of Disney Plus, the House of Mouse has now one more platform to provide content to and attempt to dominate popular culture, as the "streaming wars," start to heat up. Now that they own "Star Wars," Marvel Studios, Pixar and their most recent addition of 20th Century Fox, disney will be looking to create plenty of new content in order to grow their subscriber count. It now appears that Disney will dive deep into their catalog in order to do so.

We Got This Covered has said that while the House of Mouse is already working on an "Aladdin," sequel.

Disney has begun the early stages of developing another "TRON" reboot. Disney has not said where the project will end up at the moment, but it's possible it could be headed for Disney Plus.

'TRON' 3 development rumors have been around for quite a while

"TRON" is not exactly relevant to modern moviegoers, having only been the subject of a beloved cult favorite original in 1982, and then a sequel that took 28 years to arrive, but appears Disney now focuses on repurposing any property that has the smallest hint of name recognition. Rumors of new developments into the "TRON" universe have existed for a while, including the potential involvement of Jared Leto. The main issue for the studio is the high cost of bringing the world to life.

While "TRON: Legacy" managed to bring in $400 million at the box office, it didn't make much of a profit, in part to its $170 million budget and huge marketing and promotional costs. There's still potential there to do even more with the property and with luck, the studio will be more successful this go around.

Disney got cold feet and put aside possible 'TRON' sequel

"TRON" Director Joseph Kosinski released a statement saying their third film is in a "cryogenic freeze." "While it's not dead, it's alive but just sitting there, waiting for the right time to move forward", he said. Kosinski acknowledges that with Disney owning several major companies, the company has only a certain number of slots and a certain amount of money to make Movies.

Kosinski said that it all comes down would a "TRON" movie do as well as a Marvel or Star Wars film. That's the main concern that has kept a new "TRON" movie from becoming a reality.

"Tron Legacy," producer Justin Springer said that he is hopeful a "TRON" 3 will become a reality. He says he will always be interested in making another "TRON" film, right now it's about finding the right time, people, script and the studio finally saying 'yes.' Last year "Tron Legacy" star Garret Hedlund says that a third film has not happened because of the poor reception to Disney's "Tomorrowland." "TRON" still draws a crowd, when it comes to the ride at Shanghai Disneyland and the upcoming one planned for Disney World.