Larissa dos Santos and Colt Johnson have had the most dramatic and childish events circled their divorce. Colt proposed to the mother of two, five days after meeting her in Mexico.

The computer programmer divorced Larissa after she violently attacked him for buying porn and also, faking her injuries. Colt and his mother put hands together to file for the divorce.

According to DailyMail, Colt put Larissa's gown up for sale for $500. Colt has moved on, and he is trying to show people, that is why he put his ex-wife's gown on FanBound to find a buyer.

There's no news on the buyer yet. But, fans went crazy after they heard about it. A lot of people called her mad for faking her injuries while some said Colt was petty for selling the gown for just $500.

Larissa apologizes on Instagram

According to E-News, reality star, Larissa has decided to end her year on a good note. She took to Instagram to apologize to the people that she had hurt, and this apology centered on her ex-husband's mother, Debbie Johnson.

She admits that she has made big mistakes with her former family.

She has finally realized that she went overboard with Colt's actions, and now she has decided to turn a new leaf.

Larissa was married to Colt Johnson on the "90 Day Fiancé" series.

They were married for only seven months before Colt filed for divorce.

The Brazilian native was later arrested for domestic battery.

The 33-year-old and Debbie were seen arguing on a lot of things on the Reality TV show. But, despite the feud between Larissa and Colt, she is ready to keep her past behind.

Larissa explained on a post on Instagram.

She told how she has been trying to be a better person this year (2019).

She further explained that she wanted her 2020 to be a year of better things, so she tried to drop all the negativity behind. She noted that she had had so much tension and struggled with her former family member, and she was tired of it and moving on.

Larissa did community service after her divorce

Colt and Larissa divorced in April 2020, and she was charged for domestic violence. She had to do 48 hours of community service as well as pay a bill of $345. Larissa said that she has paid for her mistakes by the law but, now she is sorry from her heart.

Larissa dos Santos talks about good memories with Debbie Johnson

She said that the memories of Colt's mother make her smile. She talked about their interest in cats and steak.

She said that if she ruled out all the negativity between her ex-husband's mother and her, she sees an amazing woman and a role model. She also said that she hopes to see Debbie one day. The 33-year-old ended by thanking her fans and pleading with them not to insult her former in-law.