In last week's episode, Michael's ex-wife, a 42-year-old wine entrepreneur from Connecticut, brought up the topic of a prenup. Micheal and his ex-wife seem to be close. This might be because of his children.

Juliana was upset because she didn't expect Michael's ex-wife, Sarah, to be the one to bring it up. Sarah explained that the only reason she brought it up was for the sake of her two children, Cece and Max.

Michael revealed that he never had a prenup with his ex-wife because they started dating as college students, and they didn't have money at the time.

He went further to say that the divorce with his ex-wife cost him a lot, and he didn't want to repeat the same mistake.

Juliana does not understand what the prenup means

According to Eonline, Juliana struggled to understand what the prenup was all about. She said that it made her sad because she was going to put so much work into making sure that the marriage worked out. She was also uncomfortable with Michael telling his ex more information than her.

Michael and Juliana went to see a lawyer discuss the prenup. The couple later went to see a mediator. The mediator explained the process very well. It became so intense for Juliana. She almost broke down.

Michael wants a separate bank account

Michael made it clear that he wanted to keep all his assets in his name and also have different bank accounts.

Michael said that he wasn't cutting her off everything; he explained that he would buy her things and take care of her, but the lawyer told him that those were just gifts and not sharing.

Michael and Juliana have broken up before

Juliana said that she stopped working a couple of months ago and was depending on Michael. The lawyer told her to start thinking of how living in America and fending for herself would look like.

According to Eonline, Juliana said that she had broken up with Michael once, for three months, and he wasn't there when she needed him the most. She said that Michael had just disappeared and wasn't there to support her. It was a hard time for her, and she didn't want to go through it again.

Juliana decides to start working to be independent

Juliana says she wanted her independence and would work after the show. Juliana felt very vulnerable and decided she wanted to become independent. She said she could not trust Michael and wanted to be able to care for herself if they broke up again. She explained that she wants the marriage to work because she left her family in Brazil to be with Michael and build a home in Connecticut. She had also left her job to be with him.

Juliana appreciated how the lawyer handled it. She felt like the lawyer was on her side, and she was happy that the lawyer somehow, out Michael in his place. Michael justified his way of speaking, saying that Juliana took it the wrong way and still didn't understand it.

Juliana stated that by the end of the episode, she would want to have her independence and not feel vulnerable. She wants to be self-reliant. She says that if Michael were in her shoes, he would want that too.