"90 Day Fiance" fans noted Laura and Evelin unfriended each other on Instagram. As reported, perhaps she's no longer in Ecuador these days. And, given that she's alleging a relationship with Tony of @thechanteltea on Instagram, maybe she's actually back in the USA. Now, she offended a lot of people by sharing once again about her personal intimacy tool. Fans who watched the show know she and Aladin both referred to it as the "purple friend."

Laura posts new pic of her '90 Day Fiance' 'purple friend'

Laura mostly keeps comments off on her Instagram posts these days.

That's probably due to all the backlash she got after she faked an ectopic pregnancy. Recently verified on Instagram, she now shared a post about Tony from @thechanteltea. For some time now, she's hinted they are in an intimate relationship. But, fans don't believe her. That's mainly because it's pretty much known across social media that he prefers men to women. Also, he's way younger than her.

Some fans think she just makes this stuff up because she wants back on the TLC franchise. Nows she posted up her pic showing her and Tony, In her section of the post, the "90 Day Fiance" alum's holding that 'purple friend' up to her chin, like a microphone. She captioned it with, "No purple friend needed!

Ever find yourself in a bad relationship where even the s*x isn't good and you have to fake it." She then went on to claim she loves Tony.

Laura says she loves Tony as he 'completes' her - '90 Day Fiance' fans disgusted

Pushing the love factor again, Laura added to her post, "Then God sends you a special person who completes you in all areas and makes you a better person?

Well God bless my darling @thechanteltea who everyday is so amazing and has become my anchor. Everyday my love grows more." Some fans grow confused about who this new man in her life is. Others know exactly who he is, and believe there's no way they really have any relationship.

Some fans suspect she's trying to dream up a new relationship to get back on the "90 Day Fiance" show.

They also think the same about Larissa and Erich Nichols who got back together after a very public breakup. The Sun UK reminded us in November that "the two have buried the hatchet following a bitter split that resulted in a police report against Nichols being filed in September." Anyway, whatever Laura's motives are, many fans expressed their disgust.

Fans react to the '90 Day Fiance' personal intimacy tool

Disgusted fans slammed Laura for her post. Angrily, they talked about her and her 'purple friend." They also slammed her for trying once more to take up with someone nearly half her age. Here's what some of those "90 Day Fiance" critics said to her :

  • "Why do you have this desire to show off your vibrator? You are way too old to behave so juvenile."
  • "If she wanted to show off her bestie vibratory in private I wouldn’t care. But she decided It’s necessary to publicize it on social media, this is what makes her an old tramp."
  • "Never too old to be playful and frisky. BUT, use some discretion and good taste when and where you’re displaying it."
  • "I don’t want to see anybody’s vibrator, what the hell is wrong with her?"
  • "Too much info. Toooo funny. You and Darcy both look desperate the way you change men and are instantly in love so u think. Really need to think bfore you post stuff but good luck if that works for you. Need to act your age."
  • "I litteraly cringed reading this. [It's] sad and desperate (sic)."

While Laura made her post not available as an embed on her @tlc_laura_jallali account, John Yates, blogger, and guru grabbed a screenshot for his Instagram Stories which was shared to Twitter.

What do you think about Laura still insisting she's in a relationship with Tony of @thechanteltea? Do you think it's disgusting the way she's so publically flaunts her "purple friend?"

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