The 90-day reality show couple, Anna and Mursel are in a very complicated relationship. Mursel is from Turkey and he is not fluent in English, in fact, he can't communicate with Anna without the use of an iPhone app that helps to translate. Viewers were very worried about their lack of communication.

The two 38 years old met on Facebook and fell in love with the one thing they have in common, beekeeping.

Anna is from Nebraska and Mursel is from Turkey, Anna is a divorced mother with three boys, Joey, Gino, and Leo. The boys are struggling with how to communicate with Mursel in the house and they are not very fine with the idea of Mursel getting married to their mother.

Mursel is keeping Anna's children a secret

Mursel has not told his family that Anna had three kids from her divorce. He is a devoted Muslim and his family would not accept that Anna had children out of wedlock.

When Joey, Anna's eldest son heard that Mursel was keeping him and his siblings a secret from his family, he hated the idea of the marriage even more. He has shown several signs that he wasn't interested in seeing them together.

Some viewers are routing for Joey, saying that he's right for not like Mursel. Others are not happy with his disrespectful nature of giving his views. Joey doesn't really know how to express himself without being rude. Maybe it is because his mother is getting married to a man with limited English that is hiding their existence.

Anna still relentlessly wants to marry Mursel and has hopes for the future. Some viewers feel like Anna is putting Mursel above her children. They also feel like the marriage would not work out because of their diversity, and Mursel's inability to speak English fluently.

Mursel doesn't kiss Anna after she drinks

According to Etonline, Mursel doesn't drink, but, Anna does.

At her Bachelorette, her friends ask her some deep questions while they were drinking.

She reveals that he doesn't drink but permits her to drink once a week. She also said that he doesn't kiss her after she drinks.

She tells them that he is hiding the fact that she has kids from his family, her friends bluntly tell her that she should not accept that.

Anna finally realizes that it is wrong of Mursel to keep her kids a secret

After Anna's pals have been brutally honest with her, she finally starts to rethink her decision to marry her Turkish man, Mursel.

She decides that she can not marry him unless he reveals the truth to his parents. She goes over to him and tells him but he says he cannot because his parents would never talk to him again.

Mursel had the option to tell his parents and stand on his ground in marrying Anna or not telling them at all. And there's a chance that if he tells them, they would ask him to leave Anna. We can only know by watching the show.