"90 Day Fiance" Season 7 brings us Emily Larina and her fiance Sasha from Russia. In the TLC show, we saw her difficult birth. But, now her healthy son Dave's growing up and she taught him how to talk in sign so they can communicate. Born just over a year ago, in November 2018, he's not at an age where he can yet fully communicate. According to Parents.com, Most children start to make words at about one-year-old. Maybe just three or four at a time. But, suddenly something kicks in at about 18-months-old.

Then, "a real spurt in vocabulary will take place, and...the list of go-to words will increase to about 50."

Emily Larina and Dave, the '90 Day Fiance' baby, communicate in sign

In season 7 of the TLC show, we saw that Emily Larina went through a very difficult birth in Russia. Recall, she ended up in a pretty grim-looking hospital and eventually, she had a C-section. On YouTube, one fan said, "Lmbo WTF this hospital is scary ASF. Looks like the kind of place a spy that caught gets tortured for confidential information or like some American horror story mental hospital set up...I'd rather get a home or car birth, seriously!"

Making it worse, it seemed that Sasha wasn't into being at the hospital, almost as if he were a reluctant bystander.

Fans of "90 Day Fiance" know he already sired two kids by two different women. And, Dave's his third child. He never saw his first two kids born. He said in the show, "the doctor let me be a part of this as Emily cannot speak Russian speak so well." Anyway, it all tuned out fine. Now, Dave's sitting in his high chair and Emily communicates with him in sign language.

Emily shares a post showing baby Dave communicating in sign

Taking to her Instagram on Friday, Emily, now back in the USA, shared a vid of Dave. He's sitting in his chair eating meat cereal with his hands. And then, he tells her in sign that he wants some more. She captioned it with, "My smart boy signing “more please.” Yes, he has meat in his hair." And, yeah, he's got it totally right.

Some "90 Day Fiance" fans thought it excellent teaching him to communicate before he can fully verbalize his needs. One said, "So glad you are teaching him signing! I took it in college but it is so easy for kids to communicate! Very smart!"

Other fans who commented on the post asked, "I saw more but not please, did you cut it off early?" Another fan said, "We used sign language back in the day with my now 15yr old. He started talking EARLY (totally think it was bc of the sign language). And he haS NEVER STOPPED!" So, it's an interesting idea. It must be a boon to mom for baby to tell her what he wants, fans think. Perhaps it takes out the frustration of not being fully verbal.

How soon can a baby start learning sign language?

The Speech and Language Kids website talks about small kids learning sign language, just like Emily's "90 Day Fiance" child. The wrote, "Research has shown that teaching sign language to young children is beneficial to all children, whether they have speech and language delays or not." At 90 months a child might only know very few words. But typically, this happens at one-year-old. They noted that "children as young as 9 months can begin communicating and learning sign language."

It also seems that kids who learn to sign so young later develop excellent verbal skills. Their start-off list of words doesn't include the word "please." So maybe our "90 Day Fiance" star never got around to that yet.

What did you think of the video that Emily Larina shared showing baby Dave's communication in sign language, asking for more food? Do you think that's a great idea? Did you teach your child sign language?.

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