'90 Day Fiance' returns with a new season. We knew one was on the cards, but fans feared long delays. People.com reported back in January that the government shut-down might impact the next season as K1 Visa's could be delayed. But, it looks like it all came together as Sunday night, TLC announced the new season's premiere date.

The new season of '90 Day Fiance' announcement [Vid below]

Over on Instagram, TLC announced the return date of the new season. And, this got accompanied by a short sneak peek of the couples. In the sneak peek, we see the usual intro where couples have 90 days to marry or break their hearts.

We see about four different couples in the preview, and at least one might be Jamaican. No names came out, but we see at least one couple with an ultrasound scan.

One person tells a foreign man with longish hair that they "literally put off having kids for you." Another guy knocks at a door, and someone tells them, no she's not a lady of the night. One of the new "90 Day Fiance" men really looks like a hunk - amazing abs and all that. But ladies, he's got someone who thinks he's "the Love of my life."

Fans react to the new season of '90 Day Fiance'

Over on Instagram, more than one account shared the happy news for those fans who need a new fix after the current shows end. One of those accounts is the official TLC channel.

Another was the @fraudedbytlc account. Some fans groan about TLC letting go better shows than this. But others say they could watch them forever. And, the ratings seem very good, despite the same storylines season after season, with some variation.

One "90 Day Fiance" fan gave an amusing synopsis prediction about the coming season.

They commented, "So let me guess how this story line plays out. Rich guy meets Brazilian model. Brazilian model uses his credit card and runs it up. Rich guy wonders if she is just in it for his money. Brazilian girl is unsure if she wants to get married to this man. Man marries Brazilian model and in a shocking episode she rips off her mask and it is Larissa.

Coltee steps in to save the day and mother Debbie is pissed. In my head at least." Top points to this fan!

The upcoming '90 Day Fiance' arrives in about 3 weeks

The new season arrived on TLC and TLC Go on November 3 at 8/7c. No doubt, within a short space of time, outlets will hunt down the bios and social media accounts of the new cast members. Right at the end of the clip, there's a mega-fast glimpse of someone from the back who looks very much like Larissa Lima - but that's a wild guess and just an impression at this time. Of course, Instagram's the must-go-to place for all the gossip and inside angles to the new season.

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