On "90 Day Fiancé," Anny is about to celebrate her birthday. Everyone is determined to have a good time during the celebration. However, Anny’s unusual birthday request to go to a strip club surprises. In a teaser clip for the next episode of "90 Day Fiancé," we see Anny and Robert preparing for a whole day of celebration. Robert, who has not slept since the early morning, said that he wants to take Anny to a bar in downtown Orlando.

However, Anny did not like the idea. According to her, she would rather go to a place where she can dance. After a moment of indecision, she then told Robert that they should go to a club.

Anny’s request baffles Robert. When he asked her why she wants to go to one of these strip clubs, she answered that she just wants to see how they are in America. Her answer does not satisfy Robert, who would rather have a chill night with her.

This, in turn, annoys Anny. During a confessional, she told the camera that she thinks Robert is boring. She just wanted to enjoy during her birthday and Robert is spoiling things for her.

To settle things between them, she tried to negotiate with him. She told Robert that she will still go with Robert to the bar. But it should happen after they visit a strip club. He does not seem taken by the idea.

Anny and Robert's issues

Anny and Robert may love each other but they have difficulty settling their issues with each other.

Money is one of the things that the couple usually argues about. Anny, who is from the Dominican Republic, expected that her fiancé would be able to provide her with a lavish lifestyle when she moved to the US. According to her, Robert promised her a new iPhone and designer clothes before she flew.

She has been sorely disappointed with Robert.

Not only was he not able to get her an iPhone, but he also took her to a thrift store to buy clothes.

They also fought over Anny’s insistence on marrying in a Miami beach. Robert, who is struggling with finances because he already has five children, would rather have a simple wedding. Recently, they also had an argument over Robert promising that they will be moving to another apartment.

He just renewed the lease to his current apartment, which Anny disliked.

Robert's shocking revelations about Bryson's grandmother

Anny has an especially fragile relationship with Bryson’s grandmother. Bryson, who is Robert’s son from a previous relationship, has a decent relationship with Anny. But, Bryson’s maternal grandmother does not trust her. Named Stephanie Woodcock, the grandmother does not approve of Robert’s relationship with Anny. Anny did not hide her dislike of Stephanie as well. She criticized the fact that Stephanie works in the adult film industry. In a recent Instagram Stories Q&A, Robert said that he has not seen Stephanie’s work yet. He, however, confessed that Stephanie sent him some intimate pictures.

It was not clear if he was joking or not.

Meanwhile, to those who don't know, "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days" Season 4 is returning this February, reports Time. Stay tuned for more "90 Days Fiance" updates.