The Duggars from the reality series “Counting On” are a tough bunch but even they are still reeling from the death of Grandma Mary.

Grandma Mary’s death cast a big shadow over the most recent episode of “Counting On.” As expected, everyone was devastated when they learned the news. Jinger and Jeremy, who were preparing for their move to Los Angeles, had to hurry back home to attend the memorial services.

During the episode, the family was shown gathering together during a viewing and a burial for Grandma Mary. Almost everyone was choking back tears during the eulogies delivered by Joy-Anna, Joseph, and Jackson.

The Duggars' mourn matriarch's death

The sudden passing of Grandma Mary shocked everyone in the family. According to the family, Grandma Mary died after she accidentally drowned in her home’s pool in June. The death has already been ruled an accident. Her home county’s coroner thinks that there is a possibility she may have slipped and fallen into the pool.

Speaking about the events that preceded the incident, Mary’s son Jim Bob opened up about seeing her just a few hours before her tragic death. He said that Grandma Mary went to his house in the morning to have breakfast. After finishing a church service that morning, she went home to rest.

He confirmed that slipping in the pool is a possibility.

He explained that his mother liked dipping her feet in the water as it helped her relax. He also said that his mother’s health was not in the best shape because she had strokes months prior.

It was Jim Bob’s daughter, Jill, who first posted about Grandma Mary’s passing. Back in June, she paid tribute to her grandmother on her Instagram account.

She said that she was heartbroken about the news and that everyone who knew her will miss her.

It can be recalled that Jill received online heat because of some of her posts about her grandmother. Some of her followers thought it was improper that she uploaded pictures of her family grieving during the funeral and the burial.

Abbie Duggar's pregnancy

Meanwhile, Abbie Duggar has finally told other members of the family about her pregnancy. Carrying her first child with John David, she was ecstatic about the idea of being pregnant. She told them about the information during a joint maternity photoshoot that her sisters-in-law Lauren, Joy-Anna, Kendra, and Anna were in. All of them became pregnant within months of each other and she wanted to join in on the fun. Her sisters-in-law reacted positively to the news. They immediately made Abbie join them in their maternity pictorial. Stay tuned for more updates on Duggars family.