Chelsea Houska may be mom to three children at just 28-years-old but that doesn't mean she's ready to stop having kids with her husband. In fact, according to a November 19 report by Screen Rant, the longtime "Teen Mom 2" cast member is hoping to have at least one more kid with Cole DeBoer.

According to the report, Houska recently appeared on the "Don't Tell Mom" podcast, where she told the podcast hosts that she "definitely" wants one more baby with Houska, if not more. As she explained, Aubree, who she shares with ex-boyfriend Adam Lind, is 10-years-old, which has made things a lot easier for Chelsea, who also has two younger children, including son Watson, who turns three in January and one-year-old daughter Layne, who she shares with DeBoer.

Chelsea Houska's two oldest children were easy babies

Looking back at her three kids, Houska said that her daughter Aubree was an easy baby and described her only son as a "tiny" version of her husband, saying Watson is "really sweet and sensitive." Houska also claimed that while her first child was an easy baby, Watson was the "easiest baby ever." As for her youngest child, daughter Layne, she was much different than her siblings.

"Layne came and she’s the wildest, feisty baby. Before [she came] we were like ‘Let’s do two more’ but now we’re like ‘Maybe one,'" Chelsea Houska joked. Houska has always been open about her desire to have a big family and wasted no time expanding her family after meeting and marrying DeBoer.

In fact, Houska jumped the gun a bit and actually got pregnant just months before their October 2016 wedding ceremony.

Chelsea Houska's first wedding was not filmed

While Chelsea Houska has exposed a number of her life's most important moments to the MTV cameras for "Teen Mom 2," she wouldn't allow them to attend her first wedding to Cole DeBoer because she wanted the special moment to be kept sacred.

Luckily for fans, Houska ultimately allowed cameras to film her wedding reception the following year.

Chelsea Houska frequently gushes over husband Cole DeBoer on Instagram

As anyone following the reality star well knows, Chelsea Houska never hesitates to share sweet messages and photos of her husband. In fact, just months ago, as her husband turned 30, she posted a sweet photo of the two of them together on her Instagram page and said Cole DeBoer was the "best husband and daddy." She also said, "You are my entire world and I hope you know how incredible you are." More recently, Houska posted a photo of herself looking sweetly at DeBoer as they attended a concert.

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