Chelsea Houska is getting ready to return to television with a new season of “Teen Mom 2.” There have been rumors about what has been happening in her life, including another baby on the way. Houska and her husband, Cole DeBoer have made no secret about wanting more children. They welcomed their first son together in 2017. They are also raising Chelsea's oldest daughter Aubree together as well.

Baby news

Last night, Chelsea Houska confirmed what we have been suspecting for months. She announced she was expecting her third child. Chelsea and Cole DeBoer will be welcoming a little girl together in a few short months according to her Instagram post.

There are still a lot of questions about when the baby is due and everything, but for now, Houska is keeping quiet about that.

Seeing Chelsea Houska get her fairytale ending has fans incredibly emotional. She has been a fan-favorite from the beginning. Watching her tumultuous relationship with Adam Lind was enough to keep people watching, but her storyline with Cole DeBoer is what won everyone over. Following their love story and seeing how DeBoer stood up to help Aubree when Lind would not show up was heartwarming. He became a man to look up to, especially when he took his step-daughter to the father/daughter dance when her own father bailed on her.

The future

Right now, there are no clear answers on what is happening for the future with this family.

Chelsea Houska announced her pregnancy but didn't give any details about when the little girl is due. This will make three children in the DeBoer household. They wanted a big family, but it is unclear if they will go on to have more children after their little girl is born or stop now. Houska likely announced the news because the new season of “Teen Mom 2” is starting soon.

It will be hard to hide something as big as this, especially if she told the crew while filming.

It has been several months now since rumors began swirling about Chelsea Houska being pregnant. She finally announced the Big News last night, but details are still unclear about a due date. “Teen Mom 2” fans have been gushing over the news and sending well wishes to Houska and Cole DeBoer.

They are anxiously awaiting the return of the show to follow the couple's storyline. There are plenty of exciting things in store for viewers, especially with more baby news. Fans wish both Chelsea and Cole the best going forward as they wait on the arrival of their little girl.