"90 Day Fiance" critics often suggest that Eric Nichols only dated Larissa Lima to ride on the coat-tails of her television fame. In fact, on the show, we only saw him during the "Tell-All" when he appeared in the video call and got her ex, Colt angry. Eric charges $105.00 for a cameo. But Sumit, Jenny Slatten's man in India saw out a whole season of "90 Day Fiance: The Other Way." He joined cameo.com recently and offers his cameos for $40. So, what makes Eric think he's so special?

Eric Nichols gets slammed for seeking 5-minutes of '90 Day Fiance' fame

Eric Nichols dated Larissa Lima for a while. I reported in mid-September that Larissa booted Eric out of his life. Actually, Colt's mom, Debbie thanked her for doing it so publically. I wrote about what she said on her IG post. "I think all this publicity that Larissa is doing...is good." She also noted that she's been "leaving [Colt] comments" and "following Colt on IG again." Debbie thinks it's a good thing the "90 Day Fiance" alum's doing this. She added, "she's making sure everyone every one tunes in to watch her ex-husband and the one and only."

Over on Instagram, Eric picked up a lot of hate even before the breakup.

"90 Day Fiance" fans felt that Eric only dated Larissa for some television fame. Next, we heard that Eric started doing cameos. How successful he is, really is unknown. But, on cameo.com, he's only gotten one review. Maybe he gave it to himself. And, at $105 per shot, that's a lot of money. The other stars of the TLC show, some with much bigger track-records, charge between $20 and $48.

At least Summit, a longer-term cast member came in at a lot less than him.

Sumit charges $40 for a cameo, as does his '90 Day Fiance' love-interest, Jenny Slatten

Fans probably won't mind paying $40 for a cameo from Sumit. After all, rumors abound that he and Jenny return for season 2 of "90 Day Fiance: The Other Way." This comes despite heavy.com writing, "Sumit’s family and culture has too much control over his life, so we don’t believe the two will get back together and work things out unless he finds a way to divorce his wife and come to America." In any event, his deception and lies to Jenny racked up a lot of followers.

So, probably, he'll get some cameo orders.

Larissa, recommended as very popular on the cameo.com site, only charges $48 in comparison to her one-time and shortlived lover. Meanwhile, Rebecca Parrot's Zied's trending at $35. Long-time popular personalities, Annie and David Toborowsky trend at $37 per cameo. So, one really has to wonder what on earth Eric thinks he's got that's so much more special than full-time and well-known "90 Day Fiance" personalities.

Maybe Eric's hoping for a slot in one of TLC's spinoffs? Or, maybe he knows something we don't about a future show. Do you think that could be why he charges $65 more for a cameo than Sumit, who came in at $40?

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