The majority of 17-year-old kids are in high school doing hard work, studying for tests, doing research and assignments, worrying about grades and stressing out over exams. Lil Mosey, a 17-year-old rapper, is not part of that majority. Lil Mosey travels the world, performs sold-out concerts in front of thousands of people and has an estimated net worth of $2 million. Today, Lil Mosey just dropped his second album called "Certified Hitmaker".

About Lil Mosey

Lil Mosey was born on January 25, 2002, in Mountlake Terrace, Washington but lives in Seattle.

His real name is Lathan Moses Echols. Due to his surging rap career, he is no longer in high school as he dropped out in his sophomore year (grade 10).

Lil Mosey's music career

Lil Mosey started to make a name for himself with the song "Pull Up" which to date has almost 30 million views on YouTube. From there, his career started taking off.

He then released a song called "Boof Pack" which has 14 million hits on YouTube but the song that he's most known for is "Noticed" which has 151 million views on YouTube. "Noticed" reached 80 on the Billboard Hot 100 and is certified platinum. Another song by Lil Mosey that has reached the Billboard Hot 100 is "Kamikaze" which reached 97 and has 56 million views.

Lil Mosey released his debut album last year called "Northsbest" which reached 29 on the top 200 albums on Billboard. Northsbest has 11 songs including the four previous mentioned songs ("Pull Up," "Boof Pack," "Noticed," and "Kamikaze"). Other songs on that album are "Greet Her" and "Burberry Headband" and both songs have music videos for.

"Greet Her" has 15 million plays and "Burberry Headband" has 8.8 million. The only feature on that album comes from BlocBoy JB who's featured on the song "Yoppa" with that music video being viewed 9.7 million times.

His music is mainly focused around drugs, which he has referenced in many of his songs and he can also be seen drinking lean in many of his music videos.

He also references Seattle a lot which is where he grew up.

'Certified Hitmaker'

The most notable song on Certified Hitmaker is "Stuck in a Dream" featuring Gunna. That song was released on September 17 with the music video currently at over 14 million views. "Stuck in a Dream" reached 93 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Another notable song on Certified Hitmaker is "G Walk" featuring Chris Brown which was released as a single back in June. The single has been played 4.7 million times on YouTube.

To get his fans excited about the album, he released the song "Live this Wild" on November 5 which has so far been listened to 989 000 times and counting. On one of the songs, "Kari's World", Lil Mosey pays tribute to his deceased friend Kari Ca$h who was also a rapper.

In total, the album contains 14 songs and has features from Trippie Redd and AJ Tracey aside from the previously mentioned featured artists.