Season 7 of '90 Day Fiancé' stars, Anny and Robert have had a rocky relationship from the start of the series. The couple, who met on social media, live together in Florida with Robert's son Bryson. Anny's demands for an opulent lifestyle has fans questioning her motives for moving to America. On the other hand, while Anny claims that Robert told her he has three children, he revealed that he has five children with four different women.

In the latest episode, Robert introduces Anny to his former mother-in-law and Bryson’s grandmother Stephanie Woodcock, who reveals that she is an adult actress.

Here is all is known about Stephanie Woodcock including her Instagram, daughter, and work as an adult star.

Who is Diamond Foxxx?

Stephanie Woodcock is an adult actress who goes by the stage name Diamond Foxxx. The 46-year-old grandmother has worked in the adult industry for 14 years and has over 390 film credits, according to the Adult Film Database. On her Instagram page, which has over 300,000 followers, Stephanie asked her fans what they think about her debut on the hit Reality TV show.

“Your thoughts? Did you see the show?” she wrote alongside a screenshot of the episode.

According to her IMDB biography, Woodcock hails from Albany, Georgia and joined the Navy but was discharged after a few months for sexual misconduct.

She reportedly began her career as an adult actress at 31 after relocating to Florida where she met her second husband Ben. Robert reveals that Stephanie’s daughter is not part of Bryson’s life and his grandmother assumes a "mother figure" role.

Ben and Stephanie meet Anny

On '90 Day Fiance', Robert brings Anny to meet Bryson’s grandparents, Ben and Stephanie.

Ben is surprised that Robert kept his relationship with Anny hidden. Ben tells TLC cameras that he spends time with Bryson every other weekend. Although Robert has been dating Anny for two years, Ben claims that he found out about their relationship two days ago.

Ben was immediately concerned about Bryson living with Anny: "I don't know how you can bring somebody into your house with your son that you've known for one day.

I'm actually kind of worried for him", he said.

What do you think about the surprising reveal on Robert's former mother-in-law? Do you think half the TC world took to Google try and find out more? It was a bit of a shocker. But, she seems like a nice enough person, some fans think. Do you think that Anny's been let down by Robert? Or did he make her think he had more money in the bank than he really does? Many fans think he should have told her about all the kids. Plus, some people on Twitter suggest he just wants a built-in nanny for his kids.