'Disney+''s popular series "The Mandalorian" entered its third chapter with "The Sin," and has now set itself up for a strong midseason arc. The series continues to struggle with constant predictability. Nevertheless, the show provides fan service and moment-to-moment action, drawing away from the predictability.

In Chapter 3, the mysterious Mandalorian or "Mando" is returning his bounty the "Baby Yoda" or Child to the mysterious Imperial character. "Mando" collects his money and has second thoughts about leaving behind Baby Yoda. The Mandalorian launches a rescue operation for the series favorite character.

Despite the sense of familiarity, "The Mandalorian" is still an enjoyable adventure. Three episodes in, the 'Disney+' series isn't breaking new ground, but provides fans everything they have come to love about "Star Wars."

'Star Wars' projects always draw the crowds

Fans of all things "Star Wars" enjoy seeing Stormtroopers and aliens getting beat by a better equipped and skilled adversary. While the first part of Episode 3 is slow, the action heats up in the second half, becoming the strongest part of the episode. The action and choreography please action fans of all types.

After receiving his reward the Mandalorian receives a major facelift, complete with a shiny new plating and weapons system.

The new armor can now withstand blaster bolts, and even has ties to "Star Wars" lore. The "Mandalorian" knows its audience and is out to please them.

As fans, it's exciting to see new sci-fi gadgetry and weapons in action. The locations of "The Sin" shootouts are diverse, from claustrophobic rooms to street corners. The atmosphere continues to look and sound great.

The massive aliens from previous episodes are rep

'The Mandalorian' characters draw fans in and leave them wanting more

The show's leading characters, leave us wanting more. Baby Yoda continues to be the star, but the bounty hunter himself doesn't quite hold the same presence. That's not a jab at Pascal, he delivers an icy-cold performance as the mysterious Mandalorian.

Herzog is the series' acting highlight, though his screen time is much less this time around."

Series creator Jon Favreau and the team have done an amazing job at establishing a premise and introducing us to the main characters in the first three episodes, but it's unclear whether the rest of the season can move those characters in an interesting and new direction. Despite a strong lack of originality, fans still want to know what happens next. Several key figures have yet to be introduced, and rumors have suggested that we would be learning more about the film's backstory.