Syngin was left stunned at the sight of his new home with Tania in America. The house was a simple unfinished shed, and it did not please him at all. The two "90 Day Fiancé" stars first met in South Africa. At that time, Syngin was working as a bartender. The two got into a love affair prompting Syngin to come to Colchester, Connecticut, courtesy of a K-1 visa, to stay with Tania. Upon arriving in the US, the lovebirds booked a hotel in New York where they stayed for some time enjoying fancy dinners and fantastic sights. Their stay in the hotel was financed by Tania, who was committed to making her fiancé happy in America.

According to ET, Syngin said "When I met Tania, I was like, Hey, watch these crazy people. And now we're part of those crazy people," he said, before noting that he "did not come on the show for fame."

Syngin Stunned by his new home

Unfortunately, Sunday marked the end of their brief moment of glory in New York and the reality set in. Tania decided to take her fiancé to see what was set to be their new home. What happened next took Syngin some time to process. The 29-year-old was surprised at seeing an incomplete shed that was set to be their home. Earlier on, Tania told him that the house was completed and ready for occupancy. But what Syngin saw was an utterly uninhabitable shed.

For her part, Tania shot down the criticism by admitting she did not feel any guilt for lying to Syngin regarding the shed.

For her, taking care of her fiancé’s K-1 visa and doing everything to ensure he arrived in America did not warrant the criticism. The trouble between the two continued when Tania and Syngin decided to complete the shed. They got into constant disagreements with Syngin accusing his fiancé of not trusting the work he was doing to fix the structure.

Here is the video of the incident.

Trouble in paradise?

In October, Syngin had hinted that perhaps there would be some trouble in their relationship. He admitted, to ET, that things had become a bit rough between him and his girlfriend. Syngin stated that there were tough times ahead. It is now evident that challenges are now hitting their relationship harder than before.

In an interview with ET, Syngin said, "You will see me go through some pretty rough -- not stuff -- but some pretty rough sh*t," reports Yahoo.

He also commented on the show saying, "It's all real, it's all legit, it's how we deal with '90 days to get married,' so it's a short period. It's going to be crazy." There is still a lot to come, Stay tuned for more "90 Days Fiance" news and updates. Show's Season 7 premieres Sunday, November 3 at 8 PM ET/PT on TLC.