As her relationship with Robert grows stronger, “90 Day Fiancé” star Anny is facing a lot of challenges as she prepares for a life in America. That includes scrutiny from Robert’s family as exhibited in Sunday’s episode after she refuses to answer questions about her intentions in dating her partner.

In a teaser for the next episode of the "90 Days Fiance," Anny is shown having an awkward conversation with the maternal grandmother of Robert’s son Bryson. The old lady said that she wanted to ask Anny some questions especially as her impending marriage to Robert would mean that she will be around Bryson a lot.

Anny got annoyed when Bryson’s maternal grandmother asked her directly regarding her purpose for flying from the Dominican Republic to the United States, reports Yahoo. She noted that she found it suspicious that Anny is suddenly in the picture when she and Robert were previously only talking with each other on the Internet.

Anny said that she felt that the grandmother asked questions that are too personal. She insists that it was rude and she was not obligated to answer them. She point blank refused to answer the queries and she told the elder woman that they do not have to be friends with each other.

Anny and Robert’s relationship

Anny forms half of one of the most popular couples in the current season of “90 Day Fiance.” One of the reasons why they are such a hit online is because Robert proposed to her less than eight hours after their first meeting.

The proposal, which happened in the Dominican Republic, surprised even Robert’s friends.

Anny and Robert’s issues

However, they face a lot of issues. Their age gap has been proven to be a contentious topic between them. Robert is 11 years older than the 30-year old Dominican woman. Robert, who works as a driver for a ride-sharing company in Florida, also already has a son so he has different priorities.

Juan, Robert’s friend who also hails from the Dominican Republic, earlier warned his friend that it is highly likely that Anny is only marrying him for money. She could be using Robert as her way to get to the United States.

Juan’s warning escalated arguments between the couple further. In last week’s episode, Robert became suspicious of Anny because of her insistence to get married in Miami.

When he explained that he does not have the finances to spend for a lavish wedding in the Florida metropolis, Anny fired back that her fiancé is failing to deliver some of the things that he vowed he would give her. Now that she is in the United States, she felt he was actively refusing to fulfill some of those promises.

In the previous episode, the couple also got into an argument over Robert’s hesitation in buying her an iPhone and an engagement ring. Obviously strapped for cash, Robert even proposed that they get married at a courthouse instead.

Anny seems to have different expectations of what Robert should give her as well. In a scene from the episode, she became clearly upset when Robert brought her to a used clothing store to shop for dresses. She annoyingly tells the cameras that she was anticipating a trip to a premium fashion outlet store like Versace or Chanel.