No other show trumps “Today” in truly celebrating Halloween, and the founding morning news program proves it year after year. The time and effort were undertaken, by the entire contingent of hosts and crew, to create portrayals to be remembered forever seem boundless. Even though “Good Morning America” apparently snagged a page from “Today’s” secret Halloween playbook this year, on the October 31 reveal, no one commits to pulling off the annual themes like the hosts around the NBC table every morning.

Jenna Bush Hager was given a warm "Today" family welcome, too, along with her uplifting guest.

Dance, dance, dance

Unlike last year's 80s-themed soirée, this year's tribute to iconic dancers didn't limit itself to a particular era, or only the big screen. Craig Melvin usually has to dash off for his second shift of daily duties, at MSNBC, but the broadcaster hung around for this occasion. Of course, the character couldn't possibly be complete, on the dance floor, without his best buddy, Cousin Carlton, doing his namesake move. Al Roker, still just weeks out of hip surgery, mastered the classic moves of Alfonso Ribeiro as deftly as the “Dancing with the Stars” champion, at least in spirit.

Countless girls dreamed of becoming Sandy to John Travolta’s Danny in “Grease. ” Two visions of Olivia Newton-John turned up this Halloween-- one from “GMA's” Ginger Zee and Savannah Guthrie, on "Today," looking lavishly fetching in black leather to Carson Daly’s Danny.

It's hard to leave John Travolta in just one role with fabulous dancing, so Hoda Kotb, playfully “screen-tested” doing “The Funky Chicken,” “The Worm,” and even the moves to “Old Town Road” in the dazzling white suit as Tony from “Saturday Night Fever.” She attested that most of the segment was done “live,” which was verified by the host being so out of breath.

Dylan Dreyer was delightful as “dancing Elaine” from Seinfeld, and while Jerry Seinfeld didn't show up for a twirl, John Hurley, a.k.a. Peterman did stop by and read from the authentic J. Peterman catalog. The actor is now part owner of the company and devoting much of his time to fundraising for epilepsy research. Not to worry, Dylan's dance moves didn’t prompt any labor contractions for the expectant mom, due in January.

The practice makes perfect award has to go to Sheinelle Jones, who truly embodied Janet Jackson in her “Rhythm Nation” era. The Daily Mail Online has already deemed Jones’ work as most worthy of notice. The co-host first practiced her moves by phone while she was on assignment. She then had to relearn them at flash speed in the studio. Her costume was flawless in every detail, and Sheinelle sweetly reflected on wanting to be like Jackson in every sense as a teenager, admiring her sense of identity and powerful persona. Christmas came early for Sheinelle Jones, who shed tears of joy upon seeing a video of Janet Jackson, who remarked that she “loved” the tribute that Jones has been practicing briefly today, but since she was 12 years old in a deeper sense.

Veteran news reporter, Peter Alexander, even put on a tux to capture the spirit of Kevin Bacon in “Footloose,” quite a change from his usual beat.

Jenna times two

Questlove from The Roots added to the smiles and the surge of goodwill on this year's annual “Today” tradition, but the most welcome dancer in this impromptu troupe was Jenna Bush Hager as a Baby in “Dirty Dancing” opposite Johnny, taken on by a not so limber Willie Geist. (There was nothing about dancing in his original job application.)

Citing her “safety concerns” for Willie, Jenna Bush Hager brought along an understudy for the “lift” which marks the highlight of the film, her doll, “Jeanna.” Both ladies wore the same light pink chiffon dress, but the doll had her arms permanently glued in a raised position, ready for the big moment.

It was exactly the kind of playful moment that any “Today” fan would expect from Jenna, and she was simply lovely in being herself, showing some practice sessions with Willie.

More good news came when Jenna divulged that in just 11 days, she'll be back on full-time “Today” duty after her maternity leave with baby Hal. November 11 is the return date. As for the return of the morning show’s Halloween tradition next year, no one is letting that top-secret information out of the bag.