"90 Day Fiance" Season 7 arrives on Sunday and brings a whole new set of people once more. Tania and Syngin met in Cape Town where he was working. She arrived there to meet someone she met on a dating app. But, it looks like just one look at Syngin was all she needed to fall for him. According to her Facebook that was back in 2017. Syngin shared that he went to Thailand and I reported on Blasting News that he and David Toborwosky shared some things in common. But, he never mentioned he spent time there with Tania as well. It seems this couple spent lots of time together before he headed to the USA.

Tania's Facebook shows she and Syngin on their first night and then in Thailand

Tania and Syngin both have private Facebook accounts. But many of their posts are public. Plus, Syngin has an Instagram, pretty much for where he can post to fans. His posts to his friends come with a different flavor. On his FB when asked if he gets to "keep the girl" at the end of the show, he joked how in the States, "she gets to keep me." Also, his mom's on Facebook but doesn't talk much about him. Maybe this is to help him keep his NDA intact. But, she does like and comment a bit on both Tania and Syngin's pages.

On her Facebook, Tania shared her first pics of Syngin which marries up with her TLC bio for "90 Day Fiance." She captioned it with, "I went to South Africa and on my very first night I met this cutie-pie right here.

He as all cute, smiling, dancing behind the bar." She showed a pic of him going to work the next day and mentioned how he asked her to wait for him to get out. Next, she asked, "What would have happened if he never asked and I never stayed?" It sounds like she fell hard and fast for Syngin. And, she got to see a lot more of him.

They went to Thailand together.

Syngin went to Thailand to study Permaculture, Tania went there as well

Next, we see Tania sharing a photo of her and Syngin on the beach in Cape Town. She mentioned there that she would probably be a couple of months in South Africa, but she already got a job in a week. (not sure how she did that).

Then we see her in Thailand. She captioned that with "Tania Maduro is with Syngin Gregory at Ayutthaya, Thailand...When you accidentally erase ALL the pictures of your last and best week together. But the fam comes through with the couple you sent via WhatsApp." It showed them standing in front of a temple.

Later she shared photos of the "90 Day Fiance" couple on an island at Ko Pha-ngan in Thailand. She shared that in March 2018. Obviously, Tania spent a long time with him as she mentioned she left the States in September and was away for nearly six months. But she then shared that she went home, got some more money saved and then she went back to South Africa in about October 2018. She shared videos of them enjoying a visit to Kruger National Park.

The '90 Day' couple made some perfect memories together

The photos that show Syngin and Tania Maduro in Africa and Thailand really show they spent a good time together. And, hopefully, we'll see something of their Kruger Park and Thailand trips on "90 Day Fiance." But, there's no guarantee. We don't know when they started filming for the new season of the show. What we do know from Syngin's Facebook, is that they applied for the show and were selected from hundreds of interviewed applicants.

What do you think about Tania traveling halfway around the world and more to Thailand because she fell so hard for Syngin in South Africa.

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