The new season of "90 Day Fiancé" has premiered November 3, on TLC, and fans are getting to know the new cast members. Couples introduced themselves to the audience and gave their background stories as they embarked on the 90-Day journey. However, some couples will have to work out some issues after only one episode. The premiere raised some questions about their future on the show and the role their families will play in their relationships.

Emily and Sasha's relationship

Emily and Sasha are among the couples with a lot to figure out in the next few weeks.

Emily moved to Russia, to be an English teacher, after graduating from college. She joined a gym, while in the country, to avoid being too lonely. At the gym, Emily met Sasha who offered to be her personal trainer. The two hooked up and the gym instructor got Emily pregnant, reports EOnline.

Interestingly, he already has children by two other women so Emily's will be his third. Emily was apparently due in four days in Sunday’s episode. She got a call from her family who expressed their skepticism about her relationship. They claimed that Sasha was a womanizer and he would abandon her just as he had done in his previous relationships. Emily tried to convince them that their union would be different but she got dizzy, in the process, and hung up the phone.

The new couple was not the only one with some potential pitfalls down the road. Anna and Mursel will have to get over a language barrier if they are to make it through the season. The couple found each other on a Facebook bee-keeping group and started chatting with each other. They dated for around two months before Mursel proposed to the single mother of three.

She accepted the proposal and visited Mursel in his country. On her return to America, she applied for a K-1 Visa which went through. Now, with her fiancé in the country, she will have to get over the language barrier for their relationship to work. Her family does not think they can overcome their communication challenges.

There is also the issue of Anna’s three kids who might not get along with her new man. Mursel and Anna had some awkward moments at the airport due to their communication issues.

Michael and Juliana's relationship

Another couple, that may struggle to impress family members, is Michael and Juliana. Michael, a self-employed entrepreneur, and his model girlfriend will have to deal with Michael’s ex-wife and being a step-mom to his children. He lives in the same neighborhood as his ex-wife and says that they have grown closer since the divorce. She has questioned his new relationship and Juliana’s intentions with the wine businessman. Let us know what you think about the whole scenario, put your comment in the comment section.