No Time to Die” will be the 25th James Bond movie. It is set to release in 2020 and Daniel Craig will probably turn in the keys of his Aston Martin after that. Fans of the iconic character of 007 are curious to know the identity of the actor who will replace him as James Bond. It is a million-dollar question and nobody appears to have an answer. However, one name doing the rounds is that of Scottish heartthrob Richard Madden. He could beat other contenders to the punch and take on duties of the super spy who has to protect the interests of Her Majesty’s government.

This actor has not done such a role so far but he appears to be the favorite of bookies.

Express UK accepts the fact that it is a tough choice for the franchise. The character created by Ian Fleming grew in stature with actors like Sean Connery who was the first 007 to Daniel Craig who was the last. Storylines kept changing in order to maintain continuity with current international events. The search is now on to zero in on the next 007. There are a number of names and it will be a difficult choice to make.

Probable names of future James Bond

James Bond came on the scene in the 1960s with “Dr.No” that set a new trend of action Movies with a dash of glamor.

It was the era of the Cold War and storylines revolved around spying activities associated with the superpowers. There used to be a bevy of beauties to relieve the monotony and add to the charm plus gadgets to surprise the opponents. The question is whether the franchise would evolve a new formula taking note of the changed mindset of today’s audience.

Those behind the scenes would have to work out a new formula to hold the attention of the viewers.

Express UK has come up with some names. Apart from Richard Madden (Bodyguard), there are others like Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba, and James Norton.

There had been talks of a female James Bond but many people do not approve of such a drastic change in the character of a macho as conceived by Ian Fleming. Fans can expect to have another male actor don the mantle of 007, the man licensed to kill. As to the upcoming film “No Time to Die,” it will see James Bond being forced out of retirement when a new villain (Rami Malek) enters. There is not much revealed about the plot but it is expected to be action-packed if one goes by the trailers.

Harry Styles could be another hopeful

According to Esquire, “No Time to Die” will release in 2020 and Daniel Craig will appear for the fifth time in the role of MI5 agent James Bond. There is speculation about his successor and Harry Styles could be another hopeful.

He expressed a willingness during an interview with the UK’s Hits Radio. However, he feels he is a little young for a potential Bond. He need not worry because Sean Connery was 32 when his first film “Dr. No” released. With that background, by the time the 26th Bond film comes up, Harry Styles will be just around 30 years old. Incidentally, Idris Elba has opted out of the role.