"90 Day Fiance" rumors that Darcey Silva's got problems with alcohol started with her ex, Jesse Meester. Then, in the last season of "Before The 90 Says," fans noticed she drank a lot with her sister Stacey in Bulgaria. After that, they saw her in an interview and she really looked wasted. Now, fans of the TLC show think that Darcey's doing paid cameos while drunk.

Jesse Meester, '90 Day Fiance' alum, said Darcey Silva has alcohol problems

A year ago, reports came out that Darcey allegedly battles alcohol problems. The allegations came up when Jesse Meester talked about it.

Fans of the show recall that Jesse and Darcey filmed for "90 Day Fiance" before this last season when Darcey took up with Tom from the UK. International Business Times reminds us that we saw Jesse break up with Darcey in "90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days” Season 2, Episode 9. When he broke off the relationship, he "encouraged Darcey to go to therapy and accused her of being an alcoholic."

Naturally, Darcey denied that she had a problem. But, when she went to an interview with ET, I reported, "The interviewer asked if Darcey and Tom remain together. Well, the "Before the 90 Days" show's not over yet, so probably she couldn't say. But what she did say - a lot of nothing some people think - came out slurred." Many fans thought she was very obviously high or drunk.

Now, it looks like the "90 Day Fiance" star might be doing paid cameos while drunk.

Darcey might be drunk in a paid cameo, '90 Day Fiance' fans think

Over on cameo.com, Darcey charges $50 for her services. Fans can request whatever, and she does a video for a friend or family member. She does all sorts of shoutouts over there for birthdays, weddings, and more.

But, for $50, one would assume they'ed at least get a sober Darcey delivering the message. The @187anonymousgossip IG account shared a cameo by Darcey. They captioned it with, "Darcey can you at least attempt to do the cameos sober? Or maybe this was a special drunk Darcey request idk ‍♀️."

The short video, which you can see further down in this article showed Darcey slurring a bit.

Whether it's the alcohol or her lip fillers is hard to say. But, most "90 Day Fiance" followers who saw it, suggested they agreed she was on something. One fan suggested she has "Alcoholic inflammation accompanied by bloating and gas." Well, we don't know if that's why she looks bloated and can't talk well. Healthline tells us that alcohol abuse can cause "problems with bacterial toxins moving out of the colon and into the body. This condition — often called "leaky gut" — can drive widespread inflammation that leads to organ damage."

If Darcey has an alcohol problem, what can she do about it?

Darcey brings a lot of emotion and tears when she appears on the "90 Day Fiance" show. Perhaps she's really as vulnerable as fans believe.

Sometimes, people drink to give themselves confidence. But, the next day, they land up vulnerable all over again. Now, Darcey never dishes out hate on her social media. But, she gets some hate for her apparent inability to control her lips and face. Many fans think she's drunk. If she is, devoted fans really hope she does something about it. But, what can the "90 Day Fiance" star do?

According to Alcoholics Anonymous, the first step to stop drinking is to "desire to stop drinking." That means the person needs to first acknowledge they have a drinking problem. Once they get that far, a wide-ranging support system comes into place to help people with their addiction. The only problem is that Darcey constantly denies having a drinking problem at all.

So, if she really doesn't, then that's another matter. But, if she actually drinks to the point that she really does paid cameos while drunk, hopefully, she reaches out to the organization.

What do you think about the cameo that @187anonymousgossip shared? Do you think Darcey sounded drunk?

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