"90 Day Fiance" fans enjoy teasing the stars on the TLC show. Darcey Silva's had her share of that as she cries so often. Many of them note that these days, rather than being 'desperate Darcey' she's more like 'vulnerable Darcey.' Many of them thought that Darcey looked completely wasted during a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight (ET). Plus, she looked way over botoxed to the tox level and not her usual attractive self.

Darcey of '90 Day Fiance' talks to ET, slurs and sounds wasted fans think

ET caught up with Darcey at the '90 Day Fiance' mixer in Los Angeles, they reported on their verified YouTube account.

Released on October 16, the video features a one-on-one with Darcey. The interviewer asked if Darcey and Tom remain together. Well, the "Before the 90 Days" show's not over yet, so probably she couldn't say. But what she did say - a lot of nothing some people think - came out slurred. Plus, she pulled some funny faces and seemed botoxed to the tox level.

"90 Day Fiance's" Darcey made such a sad and sorry impression, that even some people commented on how it's hard to troll on her. Actually, several of them felt sorry for her and her daughters, as she seems very vulnerable. One fan noted, "I think she is drunk, i feel that she is just too lonely, and unfortunately she haven't find the right person, i hope she does soon." Another fan agreed "she looked wasted."

Other fans talk about the interviewer of the '90 Day Fiance' star

Some fans thought it a terrible pity that Darcey seemed so under the weather, and then got hooked into an interview by Lauren Zima.

One follower said, "Dude they shouldn’t interview people when they know the person is vulnerable, but all these hyenas love to try to get their face on TV. They are the true losers." Another noted, "She is wasted. And I feel like Lauren Zima is trolling her. She’s such a train wreck that you kinda feel sorry for her."

Meanwhile, others just commented on Darcey and her weird way of talking.

One "90 Day Fiance" fan said, "OMG she’s leathered!!! Has she been drinking all day?" Another noted, "She does look pretty drunk but she’s a grown woman. I feel for her 2 young preteen daughters." Many people thought Darcey might even be on something more than booze. One follower said," Not a hater here but She looks like a short drag Queen.

Btw. Drunk? What a turn off! Sad picture!"

The Botoxed to the tox level concerns fans as well

Darcey is well known on the "90 Day Fiance " show for getting some lip injections done. But many fans felt that this time she maybe went too far. Here's what some of them said:

  • "She looks awful, she has to stop with these bad hair extensions and fillers."
  • "She has gone too far with the cosmetic surgery. Turned into grotesque. Strange faces she is pulling and can hardly speak."
  • "She cant even talk with all those lip fillers."
  • "Darcy’s lips look like she’s having an allergic reaction and I think she might have a drinking problem."
  • "She is definitely intoxicated and need to stop the cosmetic procedures on her face."

You can see the interview below:

What did you think of the interview?

Do you also think Darcey came over as wasted during the interview with ET? Do you agree with the fans who cringed for Darcey who seems over botoxed to the tox level and desperately unhappy?

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