One of the reasons why “Today” co-anchor, Hoda Kotb, calls Kathie Lee Gifford the most “fearless person I know” is because the lady who sat beside her for 11 years as fourth-hour besties has never been afraid of looking a little silly and saying just what is on her mind. Kathie Lee Gifford brought her spontaneous spirit back to “Today” in a big way last week when she visited with Hoda and Jenna Bush Hager about life in Nashville and her new Hallmark movie on November 12.

As close as Hoda and Kathie Lee remain as friends, no one ever knows what to expect from KLG.

On the spot, the 66-year-old all-around entertainment wonder decided to demonstrate her new workout for tone and muscle development, Manduu, during the visit. Losing her black leather jacket and leopard-print scarf, Kathie Lee Gifford showed off her growing muscles. She made a nice pitch for her Nashville fitness studio, too, along with her favorite local band.

Her friendships with Hoda and longtime “Today” friends are as firm as ever, but as announced over the weekend and on “Today” this morning, November 18, and in People on November 17, Kathie Lee has the happiest news to share about her daughter, Cassidy, and her life in Nashville, as reflected in an interview reported by USA Today on November 18.

Kathie Lee has never been afraid to have fun, stand for her faith, or deeply love her circle of friends and family. There is joy on every front for this holiday season.

More than a girls’ day out

Without giving any private secrets away, Hoda did share that she and Kathie Lee would “hang” on Wednesday, after Gifford’s “Today” visit.

This morning, Kotb confirmed that “we did have fun” on their own time, and probably catching up on life and reliving some memories.

Sunday was a big day in many ways for Kathie Lee Gifford. Her new Hallmark Movies & Mysteries feature, “A Godwink Christmas: Meant for Love” debuted Sunday evening, and Kathie Lee's role in the moving story as the mother of a daughter who discovers that love can be right in front of any of us, even amidst great challenges, is more uplifting than ever.

In the movie adaptation, just as the talented daughter finds love and a deeper career calling, a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis causes her to rethink her future. Her family and her new love convince her that challenges do not change who she is, and in fact, allow love to grow deeper.

The Godwink book series by Squire Rushnell and his wife, Louise DuArt, has developed an immense following over more than a decade. The stories focus on real-life people facing real-life dilemmas, and the Hallmark dramas have proven that there is a following for “authenticity” and faith beyond a holiday sermon, even at the holiest time of year.

Kathie Lee Gifford had her own glowing news to share, on Sunday, November 17, regarding her lovely daughter, Cassidy, 26.

“So thrilled to announce that my beautiful daughter, @cassidygiff, is engaged to a wonderful man, Ben, @letsgetwierda, (Wierda).”

Cassidy and Ben are radiant in a smiling embrace to accompany the news. “I am beyond the moon and stars. Thank you, LORD!” Kathie Lee Gifford adds. Cassidy Gifford shares the expected peeks at her engagement ring on some photos for Instagram, but Mom’s joy is a treasure in itself.

Last April, during Kathie Lee Gifford's sendoff from “Today,” her son, Cody sat beside his fiancée, Erika Brown, in the audience, and gave his mom warm words of congratulations.

Hoda and Jenna may need a lift

Kathie Lee Gifford confesses that she was “dying of loneliness” in her former Northeastern habitats.

It was more than the cynicism that she described in the bustle of the Big Apple. As she noted with Hoda: “People in Connecticut don't often ‘drop by’” as she spoke in her southern accent. There are a spontaneity and a neighborly aspect to life in Music City that has revived Kathie Lee, musically and personally.

In a brief period of fewer than two years, Gifford became an orphan, a widow, and an empty-nester. She dove into creative projects like, “Then Came You,” her film co-starring good friend, Craig Ferguson, and immersed herself in songwriting with the Nashville-based songwriter, Brett James. The two collaborated on songs that rose to the top of the iTunes charts for Kathie Lee and served as hope listeners in grief and loss.

She has identified a niche for meaningful entertainment directed at those who are past 40. She is still recapturing dreams she had as a girl of singing and being on the screen. She directed in her project, “The God Who Sees,” with Nicole C Mullen.

“I write every single day,” Kathie Lee Gifford says of her Nashville life today.

Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager probably need all the uplifting songs and stories they can find.

The fourth-hour co-hosts embarked on a new diet plan of intermittent fasting this morning on “Today,” and the scales were not too kind on the first weigh-in. It's a good thing that friends, memories, and music don't have calories, and still, manage to give a lift to the spirit at any time.