"90 Days Fiance's" Sasha and Emily finally welcomed their first child together, a son. However, moments leading to the birth of the baby were quite breathtaking. Emily had to endure a tough experience before delivering. Emily was taken to a hospital in Volgograd, in southwest Russia, ready to give birth. According to ET Online, cameras were all over the room set to record this critical moment in the "90 Day Fiancé" couple’s lives. Sasha was invited into the room to be part of this vital process to act as a translator between the doctors and Emily.

His wife doesn’t speak Russian, so the 31-year-old was deemed fit to bridge that gap.

Sasha of '90 Days Fiance' had problems during delivery

Though called to this duty, Sasha was not pleased with it at all. Being a Russian man, it was a taboo for him to be in the delivery room. He even admitted not being able to remember what he was doing during the birth of his first two sons. Sasha got his eldest sons in his last two marriages.

The birth of his first son with Emily took at least seven hours. It became clear that something was amiss. Emily was crying in pain, unable to push out the baby. The doctors quickly recommended a C-section procedure to ease the delivery process. It was after it dawned on the doctors that the baby’s head was not positioned correctly in the hip.


The couple named their son David

After the C-section, another complication came around. The delivered baby was silent. It took a while than usual before the baby started crying, an incident that made Sasha emotional. It was evident that the 28-year-old went through a tough session worth remembering. Fortunately, she was able to defy all odds to give birth to a baby boy.

Eventually, Emily and her baby named David were all smiles. ET Online reports that "Emily and Sasha named their son David because it was a name that they liked the sound of in Russian and in English."

Sasha and Emily’s relationship challenges

The relationship between Emily and Sasha has made headlines for some wrong reasons. The two seem to be battling some challenges.

Emily’s family is concerned by the fact that Sasha was divorced twice and had children in his previous marriages.

The previous episode of the "90 Day Fiancé" saw Emily meet Masha, Sasha’s ex-wife. They discussed the possibility of their son visiting Sasha and Emily once they moved to the United States. Later on, Masha admitted in front of the camera that there was a chance Sasha could leave Emily. It is an act that he had already done before to his ex-wives, and it was bound to happen again. There is still a lot to come, stay tuned for more news and updates on "90 Days Fiance."