'90 Day Fiance' critics hated that Angela Deem returned for another season of the TLC show after the bad behavior exhibited during the Tell-All. I reported that many critics reacted with "fury and disgust that she returns yet again." It became worse when Avery Mills alleged that Angela actually physically hit her mom. And yet, now she's back on season 7 of the show, she gets a surprising amount of love from fans. And, some people feel she's a role model and great fun, despite so many critics describing her as "brash" and "trash."

Fans of '90 Day Fiance' show Angela Deem love on Instagram

Over the weekend, Angela became more active on her and Michael's Instagram.

Naturally, with the show now airing their episodes, she's showing her face more on social media as TLC expects of their cast members. Now, Angela really never hit gigantic numbers of followers when you consider she featured in season 2 and 3 of "Before The 90 Days," as well as the current "90 Day Fiance" show. But, she managed 22k, which is not too bad for an unpopular character. Of those followers, many fans seem genuinely thrilled that she keeps returning.

To the shock and disbelief of some people, some of them actually see Angela as a role model. Well, it's certainly reasonable that some people react with shock. After all, over various seasons we saw her being a bully and acting abusively towards Michael and his friends.

Plus, she chest-bumped Rebecca at the Tell All and reportedly physically assaulted Avery Mills' mom. So, not everyone thinks she's really the stuff of role models.

Fan thinks Angela Deem's a role model, not 'trash'

All across social media, fans of the "90 Day Fiance" franchise need not look far to find Angela described as "trash" and "brash." On Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube many such comments arise.

But, at least one fan thinks Angela's a great role model rather than "trash." Maybe they think throwing drinks around, mashed cakes in people's spaces, chain-smoking, and using four-letter words left, right, and center's something to admire?

In a post that showed a photo of Michael and Angela looking all scrubbed up, one fan gushed, We love angie!" To that, one critic noted, "speak for yourself !!" But, another took it a notch higher, saying of the "90 Day Fiance" star, "Role models." They added a red heart emoji.

And, that brought some incredulous responses. Actually, some critics seemed lost for words. One said, " I hope...is just kidding about those two [being role] models. Ridiculous." Others shared their feelings with question marks. And, one critic just said, "omg what?"

Surprising love for '90 day Fiance' star on IG

Lots of people only watch the show for the drama. So, that might account for the many fans who actually love her. Here's a small sample of comments over the last few days on Angela's Instagram:

  • "You are a beautiful woman Angela and you are so d*mn funny!!"
  • "You two are the best. Love watching your journey. Best of luck to you both."
  • "Awesome I watch u on TV biggest fan in the world. I love to have a boyfriend get sad don't have one."
  • "Angela, you are my absolute fave!!! You tell it like it is and I respect that."

Mind you, Angla probably blocks a lot of people who don't tell her what she wants to hear.

Or, she just cusses them out. On one post that showed their engagement party, one "90 Day Fiance" fan who criticized her got told, "...f?***offf. say bye now."

Are you surprised that Angela Deem gets a lot of love on her Instagram? After all, many followers think she's plain "brash" and "trash." Do you think it strange that some people see her as a "role model?"

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