Robert and Anny have been the center of discussion among many "90 Day Fiancé" fans ahead of their much-anticipated marriage. Their controversial relationship has continued to face several challenges, even as they contemplate marriage. It now seems like two lovebirds seem to have different priorities in their relationship. Anny is obsessed with leading a luxurious life, which Robert, a driver at ride share company in Winter Park, Florida, cannot afford at the moment.

In a recent spoiler video clip, Robert is seen taking Anny shopping. Unfortunately, his romantic gesture infuriates.

She thought her husband was going to treat her to some fashion brands such as Versace and Channel, but to her surprise, she is taken to a second-hand clothing store, reports Yahoo.

Despite Robert showing her some of the clothes he believes are amazing, Anny does not seem impressed at all. She even describes one dress, shown to her, as rubbish. The situation gets uglier when a saleslady tells her that all the clothes in the store are second hand. She rebukes Robert for bringing her to a used clothing shopping store and calls him crazy.

Robert and Anny in '90 Day Fiance'

The two have been going at it ever since they started dating. The two first met, online, before Robert chose to meet up with her in the Dominican Republic.

It only took him eight hours to propose on their first face to face meeting.

Money has been central to their relationship challenges. Occasionally, Anny has pestered Robert to spend more money on her. In the recent season premiere, she bugged Robert, constantly, complaining about not being able to access the money he sent her while she was in the Dominican Republic.

Besides this, Anny even argued with him when he hesitated to buy the iPhone and engagement ring she wanted.

The relationship became more toxic when she traveled to Florida. She began having problems living with Bryson, Robert’s young son.

TLC's 'Unpolished' set to premiere

"Unpolished," the new TLC show is set to premiere this Sunday and will be about the Martone family which operates the Salon Martone located on Long Island.

According to Yahoo News, women in this family are seen going shopping ahead of a scheduled party. Jennifer, a mother of two daughters Lexi and Bria, seems to have come up with the idea that will suit the celebration. Let us know what you think about the whole scenario, put your comments in the comment section. Stay tuned for more news and updates on "90 Days Fiance."