"90 Day Fiance" Season 7 returns with Angela Deem and Michael again. None of the new cast members seem all that rivetting, so even haters know at least someone they love to hate features on the show. But, I reported that many more fans hate on her since the bad behavior at the "Tell-All" of "Before the 90 Days." In the previews of the new season, we saw Angela getting botox injections. Now, a new photo emerged and fan trolled all over it. Some people think she looks like Mama June Shannon after her successful weight loss. But, many people think no matter how much botox she gets that can't fix the obnoxious inside of her.

Angela Deem botoxed, slimmer and still ugly inside think '90 Day Fiance' fans

The Instagram account, @187anonymousgossip shared the photo of Angela Deem, post botox injections. Naturally, she really looks a lot better. In fact, so much so, some fans of the TLC show suspect she also had fillers. The picture got captioned with, "Reposting because I accidentally deleted...Angela sighting with her new Botox face." Many fans responded to the post. Some of them really body-shamed the "90 Day Fiance" star, but sadly, as so many people pointed out, there's no amount of botox that can fix the ugly person inside.

One follower said, "Dear God she had some serious botox done!

She doesn't look like a heinous old bag now...still acts like one though." Similarly, another noted, "Too bad you can’t botox that attitude." Next came, "There isn't any amount of Botox that will fix that level of repugnance...she could inject all the Botox in the universe and the ugly would keep coming at you like that meteor shower in Armageddon."

Angela looks a bit like Mama June Shannon when she lost weight according to fans of '90 Day Fiance'

A few fans of the show noted the similarities between Angela Deem of "90 Day Fiance" and Mama June Shannon of "Mama June: From Not to Hot." And, she does vaguely resemble her.

Which goes to show that botox can help overall appearances. Like Mama June, Angela smokes and wears large size clothing. Now, apart from the improved facial texture, she also looks like she lost a bit of weight.

One fan noted, "Looks like Mama June after she lost weight." Another agreed, but pointed out "look what happened with June." They hoped that wouldn't happen to the "90 Day Fiance" star.

If you don't know, the WeTV star got arrested and charged for the felony of drug paraphernalia and her teeth started falling out. Meanwhile, others just trolled on Angela's clothing choices.

Why do critics troll on Angela so much?

Angela's been seen acting like a bully on the past couple of appearances on the show. In the last season, we saw her throw her drink at Michael's friends. Plus, she smashed a cake in his face outside the salon in Nigeria. In the "90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 days Tell-All," she allegedly physically assaulted Avery's mom, and we saw her chest bumping Rebecca Parrot in the studio. In fact, there's a couple of petitions on Change.org calling for TLC to drop her from the show.

What do you think about Angela Deem after her botox treatments? Do you think she deserves critics who troll all over it? Do you think she resembles Mama June Shannon after her successful weight loss?

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