Alex O'Loughlin has endeared himself to “Hawaii Five-O” fans for many reasons through the police drama’s record-setting success as a reincarnation of the iconic original series. No other reboot on television has savored a decade of drawing in faithful fans, week after week, especially on a Friday night. Alex O'Loughlin has managed to captivate fans as much for his flaws as he does for his fearlessness as Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett, the boss of “Hawaii Five-O.”

More than ever, Alex O'Loughlin is embracing his multitalented reigns and his role on “Hawaii Five-O” in Season 10.

The Australian-born actor has come to truly cherish the people and the environment of the islands, which he has made his home with his family for the duration of the series' run. The star is assuming a credited producer role this season, and O'Loughlin took the director’s chair in Season 8 and Season 9. Alex is also the man deserving credit for the beloved role of Eddie, his dog, on the police drama. There is no doubt that the sweet canine brings got a whole new dimension of heart to McGarrett's character,

This week's November 8 episode, “Ka’I’o” (DNA), brings out another dimension Alex O'Loughlin's creative range, not enjoyed by fans until now. As confirmed in The Futon Critic on November 5 and Showbiz Junkies on November 4, Alex O'Loughlin writes, directs, and stars in the powerful episode involving Steve McGarrett's mother, portrayed by Christine Lahti.

Doris McGarrett has been a force of both great love and a sense of confusion and betrayal for her son, but in this powerful episode, he takes on a mission to retrieve his mother from Colombia amidst a devastating false accusation.

A gift to fans realized

Alex O'Loughlin has continually demonstrated authentic gratitude and humility regarding his tenure and talents on “Hawaii Five-O.” The actor who received prestigious award nominations for his role in the Australian TV miniseries, “The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant” and won great his great fan-following from 2007’s “Moonlight” on CBS has more than proved himself worthy of his 10-year role as Steve McGarrett.

Alex O'Loughlin deferred any adulation in his last remarks during PaleyFest, instead lauding praise upon the executive producer, Peter Lenkov, for his ability to create seemingly endless new material for the drama. During September 21 remarks to ET Canada, O’Loughlin compared his long stay with the police procedural to be like a marathon.

McGarrett has certainly done his share of chases and leaps over all kinds of structures and vehicles, so now, it's no wonder that he said to “get some good shoes and drink a lot of water,” as part of his formula to eat well and stay fit for his part at age 43.

During the same interview, Alex O'Loughlin playfully teased that this week's coming episode would be the highlight of Season 10. He also described that the episode will cap “a storyline that I didn't feel we handled in a satisfactory way,” regarding the pivotal maternal character.

“I think the fans will appreciate it,” O'Loughlin continued, humbly adding that he hopes it will serve as a “thank you” to the show “that has carried [him] for 10 years.”

Alex O'Loughlin considers himself “really green” as a writer, but fans are sure to appreciate his effort and concern depicted through the lines.

More than a fleeting glance

The last time that fans even heard the name of Doris McGarrett mentioned was in a conversation between McGarrett and his mentor and father-figure, Joe White (Terry O’Quinn), before the merciless shootout with the vengeful assassins that took White’s life in the moving Season 9 finale.

Since his early childhood, the unexplainable disappearances of his mother over 20 years in hiding as an ex-CIA operative haunted the dutiful McGarrett, who absorbed the lessons from his murdered father, and police officer, John McGarrett, completely.

When Steve pressed Joe White in their last conversation about the whereabouts of his mother, Joe White reiterated that Doris would surface again when she was ready.

No amount of searching would prevail.

Only one brief preview of the episode has been released as of November 7. Doris McGarrett is in, Colombia, now described as “a compromised asset” for killing her CIA partner. The following scenes depict Steve McGarrett in commando gear, coming face-to-face with a gun barrel in the hand of his mother.

“Is this how it ends? McGarrett asks, “You're gonna kill me?”

The fate of Doris McGarrett and her son is only hours away from being revealed in this fateful “Hawaii Five-O” episode. Steve McGarrett and Alex O'Loughlin are sure to lend unforgettable parts, on paper, on set, and on-screen.