"90 Day Fiance" recently concluded one of its seasons. Darcey Silva and Tom Brooks featured in the episode released on October 28. The couple had some uneasy moments as they tried to satisfy each other’s needs in the relationship. Darcey wanted her boyfriend to commit to her by proposing while the British star was not ready for that step in their relationship. Towards the end of the season, they struggled with their long-distance relationship and appeared headed for a breakup.

The couple endured another awkward moment on the show after Darcey’s ex-boyfriend Jesse made a surprise appearance.

Darcey thought that he had come to mock and shame her, and it infuriated the 45-year-old prompting her to react. Immediately, Angela came in to defend Jesse, triggering a fight between the two.

'90 Days Fiance's' Jesse reveals that his ex had not moved on

In the video below, he alleges that she was still reaching out to him even after their breakup. The reality star claimed that he had evidence of communication and transactions he had made with her since they separated. He also made a sly dig at Tom, saying that he felt sorry for him because Darcey had not told him the truth about their relationship.

Angela Deen was not happy with her fellow cast members

Jesse's appearance on the show did not go down well with some cast members.

Avery Mills and Tim Malcolm questioned his motive for appearing on the show. Angela Deem was not happy with her fellow cast members for reacting negatively towards Jesse’s appearance. She accused them of bullying Darcey’s ex-boyfriend and felt that he had the right to come on the "90 Days Fiance". A confrontation broke out backstage and she exchanged words with her fellow cast members.

Angela had to leave early after her segment because of the scuffle. Some fans believe that Angela is to blame for the fight that took place between her and Darcey. A significant number of fans have been calling for the removal of Angela from the TLC’s spinoff.

Darcey has spoken about Jesse’s appearance on '90 Days Fiance'

In a recent interview with Hollywood life, Darcey spoke about Jesse’s appearance on the show.

She said "We’re all just here for love and living our life and exposing our lives for the world to see." Despite the dramatic events that took place, Darcey was happy that her fellow cast members had her back. She praised Tim and Avery for standing their ground. According to The Sun, she also stated "All I can do is have peace about it myself and just be there for the ones that got hurt emotionally. All this happened because [Jesse] walked in and everyone had my back." Let us know what you think about the whole scenario, put your comment in the comment section. Stay tuned for more updates on "90 Days Fiance."