"90 Day Fiance: The Other Way" ends soon, with the Tell-All looming. Of course, fans turn their thoughts to the next season of the TLC show. TLC already gave that a lot of thought, and we found out that Jenny and Summit will return, as will Deavan Clegg and Jihoon. On Instagram, those couples featured as hot favorites, but lots of people would like to see more of Karine and Paul. Another surprising favorite couple turned out to be Ronald and Tiffany.

@90dayfiancenews on IG hold a poll for '90 Day Fiance' new season

Over on the @90dayfiancenews account on Instagram, they held a poll on which couples fans wanted to see back on the next season.

Much like TLC already figured, most of them seem keen on Jenny and Summit and Deavan with Jihoon. But before going any further, as some fans got confused about which "90 Day Fiance" couples feature where, let's just list the couples on the show. These are:

  • Paul and Karine
  • Jenny and Summit
  • Laura and Aladin
  • Corey and Evelin
  • Tiffany and Ronald, and
  • Jihoon and Deavan.

So, those who said they wanted to see Omar and Avery, and Angela Deem weren't reading off the same page. Some fans voted for Laura and Aladin, but that's not likely. Actually, it seems some people had no idea this "90 Day Fiance" couple are already separated and getting a divorce. No longer just a leak, we actually saw part of that on the preview for the Tell-All.

Deavan and Jihoon and Summit and Jenny already on the new '90 Day Fiance' season

As we know, Deavan and Jihoon and Summit and Jenny return. Apart from noting they were most favored, let's look at the other couples that fans liked. Obviously, someone wanted all of the "90 Day Fiance" couples at one point or another. But, a bit surprising was the number of votes for Tiffany and Ronald.

In the poll, the pictures of the couples were labeled with numbers. Plenty of people agreed they'd like seeing two, five and six. Two were Jenny and Summit, Five were Deavan and Jihoon, and six were Tiffany and Ronald.

In the last episode of the show, we saw a real tear-jerker when Tiffany and her son Daniel left Ronald in South Africa to return to the USA.

From being perceived as quite boring, interest suddenly shot up. Even hardened "90 Day Fiance" fans commented on social media that they cried over the touching scene. Now, they really want to know if Ronald ever made it to the USA, or if Tiffany returned to South Africa after the birth of their child. Contrary to Tiffany giving Ronald a hard time in the preview of the Tell-All, in real life they seem to be in a good place.

Paul and Karine? Yes, fans want them back on the '90 Day Fiance' spinoff

Karine annoys fans on social media as she threatens divorce often. "90 Day Fiance" fans grow angry about her always complaining and her apparent shortcomings as a home cleaner. But, it seems they enjoy Paul a lot.

Note that in the poll, Paul and Karine were number one. Here's what some fans said about Paul and why they wanted him back:

  • "No 1 for sure love watching Paul & Karine❤️."
  • "Jhoon and deaven, Paul and karina, Jenny and summit l love them l wanna see again."
  • "Paul! I want to see where he runs to next."
  • "Even tho I hate Pole [Paul] he’s so godd*mn entertaining, so I’d be ok with him and Kreeny."
  • "There will never be enough Paul and Karine."
  • "Paul always, need to see more running."

Actually, hundreds of votes came in for number one - Paul and Karine, with no comments added. Obviously, many people didn't wish to see them back. Others would like to see Corey but minus Evelin. Who would you like to see return in the next season of the show?

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