"90 Day Fiance" fans know that David Toborowsky's amusing on the "Pillow Talk" spinoff. Plus, they know he's been a helping hand to cast members like Corey Rathgeber. But, unusally he weighed in and joined in a teasing conversation on Instagram. It came after blogger and social media guru John Yates shared a post that Colt put out about his lost love. And, Larissa Lima and even Mother Debbie got into the conversation.

David Toborowsky of '90 Day Fiance' wades in, teases Colt on his love that he lost

John Yates went and unearthed a post that Colt put up.

Sharing it to his Instagram, he captioned it with, "Whatever this means." He referred to the post which said, "I'll never stop loving you. Whether you're across the country, across town, or down the hall. I know the feeling was real because I have never felt this pain before and I feel it every day without you." Next came "sorry" and "I love you," with a heart emoji.

Actually, it's quite a sad post, and even sadder that Colt's taken his lost love to special media. But, then David Toborwosky waded in with his thoughts and started teasing about the lost love post. He said to John Yates, "Mother's Day already? Lol" Obviously, this was in reference to Colt's Mother Debbie.

John replied, *"I wonder who gets the cats?" To that, "90 Day Fiance" veteran David remarked, "oh sh*t good question." The pair started laughing about "custody of the cats."

Mother Debbie has her say to the '90 Day Fiance' teasers

Mother Debbie, ever protective of Colt Johnson got a bit annoyed with the conversation. She came in, saying, "Seriously people, get a grip." Fans of Mother Debbie urged her on, telling her to sort them out.

But, it seems Mother Debbie might be lightening up a bit these days. Maybe she got used to trolling and teasing, or the "Pillow Talk" segments helped her see the funnier side of "90 Day faince." So, no big diatribe from her this time.

Meanwhile, she knows a bit better how to cope with people who criticize and laugh these days.

After all, even the famous comedian Amy Schumer came to her defense over the clothes she wore to Colt's wedding. IBT reminds us she "complimented Debbie and encouraged her to ignore the critics. “You looked perfect. Don’t listen to these haters, Deb!” the actress wrote.

Larissa Lima speaks out at the '90 Day Fiance' lost love

Obviously fans think Colt might have spoken about the love he lost when Larissa Lima moved on with the now out-of-favor Eric Nichols. She said about the post where Colt lost his love, "I have a date today and I can confirm to the most lovely, s*xy and funny blogger that isn't...for me and never will." So, okay, Larissa denies Colt still loves and misses her.

But, it could be another person that Colt misses every day.

We heard rumors in the tabloids that Colt filmed a new season of "90 Day Fiance" with a Brazillian woman. But, Debbie came back in and gently gave John Yates a bit of a chiding, and ignored Larissa's post. This time she asked John "what's going on?" Next, Colt's mom said, "Quick question, do you prefer the hearts or my kissy lips at the end of my comments? I can’t make up my mind.lol."

So yeah it seemed that David Toborowksy, John Yates, Mother Debbie, and Larissa Lima all got a bit of a giggle at the expense of poor Colt and his lost love. And, don't forget he could even have just been talking about his cat that passed away.

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