Jay Smith and Ashley Martson have decided to call it quits after their relationship got rockier. This will be the third time the two "90 Day Fiancé’" stars will be parting ways. Perhaps it might be for good if at all they want to lead happy lives.

Ashley Martson, through her Instagram post, confirmed the two were separating. Her post was accompanied by several photographs of their wedding. She expressed her disappointment since they had only gotten together recently with the hope of saving their marriage without any success. Lastly, she urged her followers to access her full statement and the entire story about their split through the #LinkInBio.

Will they be separating for good

It now appears Ashley and Jay will be separating for good after a series of unnecessary breakups! ENews had reported, in January, that Ashley had filed divorce papers in a bid to end her marriage with Jay. According to a court in Pennsylvania, Jay withdrew his paperwork after two weeks. Maybe he saw a chance of saving his marriage with Ashley.

In April, Ashley Martson filed divorce papers, once again, seeking to bring an end to their marriage. She also took to social media and shared a cryptic message which highlighted the status of her marriage with Smith. Ashley revealed to her Instagram followers she was not enjoying her marriage anymore. Instead, she was only trying to fix up herself and become an independent lady.

Word on the street is that Ashley and Smith might be finished. Ashley eventually came to learn of her husband cheating on her with another woman. To make things worse, the woman he cheated with is pregnant. However, Jay has laughed off those allegations expressing doubt. He has put in place plans to ensure a test is done to reveal the real father to the unborn baby.

But the fact remains he cheated on his wife and Ashley Martson has the right to seek a divorce.

What next?

Truth be told, Ashley and Jay have been having constant marital problems that have jeopardized the entire relationship. "90 Day Fiancé’" fans have witnessed the couple try to split for good previously but to no avail. Perhaps this time round, viewers will see them accept the fact their marriage is not working and decide to move on with their dear lives.

90 Day Fiancé still has some exciting drama for its fans concerning Ashley and Jay’s relationship statuses. The next episodes will confirm how the two stars move forward with their lives after this breakup. To catch all the drama as it unfolds, ensure you check out the latest updates, spoilers, and news about "90-day Fiancé." Let us know what you think about the whole scenario, put your comment in the comment section.