"90 Day Fiance" fans either love or hate the way Zied says "I loooove you," to Rebecca Parrot. Well, it's becoming a piece of Reality TV slang these days. In fact, it's almost as popular a trend as the expression, "more biggie." Now, you can get to hear it closeup and personal as the couple revealed their private videos. And, you'll probably see much more over on Rebecca's YouTube Channel in time.

New private '90 Day Fiance' videos revealed

Zied and Rebecca both got lovers and haters on social media. However, Zeid mostly got mocked for looking like he needed a serious tummy tuck.

And, the hilarious way he so obviously faked his "I loooove you," message to Rebecca every time they spoke on the phone. But, it seems that it began a long time before we saw that happen on the "90 Day Fiance" show.

On her Instagram late Wednesday, Rebecca took to her Instagram Stories to share about their new private videos. She shared a poster that said, "New video up on my channel now." She added, Private videos from me and Zied before we met." Over on the channel, so far, there's one brand spanking new video about their private stuff. Still quite new, you might be one of the first few to see it.

New Video channel for '90 Day Fiance' couple on YouTube

On the channel, the first private vid's named "Zied & Rebecca's Private Videos.

" It opens with Zeid saying his famous line in what sounds like Arabic. Then, he says it again, several times in English. And, at that point, no doubt, you will probably have to stop and have another giggle over it. Remember, this all happened before they met and before we saw them on the show. So, it's a bit amazing that Rebecca managed to take him seriously at all.

Naturally, Rebecca, now famous for her filters on the "90 Day Fiance" show, features as well. She also says, "I love you so much." And honestly, she almost managed the same banal tone as Zied. Naturally, she looks about 25-years-old, which was a big part of their story. Everyone knows she lied to Zied about a number of things, including her age and the fact that she had a bag-full of exes.

One of them was still technically married to her when she met him.

Rebecca Parrot learns a vital language in private video - like how to say 'I miss you'

Obviously, Rebecca made a plan to get a bit of Zied's language under her belt. He's seen in the first private video telling her how to say "I loooove you," and "I miss you." It's all ever so cutesy, actually, as she bats her eyelids and mascara at the camera. But, if you hope for a bit of "90 Day Fiance" raunchy stuff, that's lacking at this stage. Nevertheless, Zied amuses with his, "Baby, You know, I love you too. I looooove you soooo much."

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Some fans considering a long-distance relationship may find it useful. Others might just enjoy her make-up tutorials.

What do you think about Zied and Rebecca Parrot revealing their private videos on YouTube?

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