"90 Day Fiance: The Other Way" fans knew that Sumit kept a secret from Jenny. Many fans speculated online that it may be because he already married. Meanwhile, TV Shows Ace speculated other fans thought maybe he was promised in marriage to another Indian woman. But new rumors that came out since then indicate both theories are slightly off the mark.

Sumit's secret's not so secret anymore - not even to Jenny on '90 Day Fiance'

In their article about the secret that Sumit's keeping from Jenny, TV Shows Ace indicated that although the secret was expected in the last episode, it never got a reveal.

That's why fans started theorizing. Their reported noted, "What we do know is that Sumit left Jenny in Mumbai and went off to see his parents. Similarly, he claimed it was because he worried they might come to Mumbai and discover them together. Jenny was super-unhappy about it. And, from her point of view insecurity must trouble her." Of course, that's because she's in India, old and has little money.

Well, that's the way TLC presented her story to viewers of "90 Day Fiance." But, all this drama about a secret might just be for nothing. After all, new rumors suggest there's not a single secret in his life that Sumit can keep from her. That's because she's already well in on the secret. The major rumors that came was dished by "fraudedbytlc" on Instagram.

Some fans who read it were disappointed they spoiled everything so very casually.

Rumors indicate Jenny knew Sumit was married before filming the '90 Day Fiance' show

Over on Instagram, "fraudbytlc" posted up a photo and captioned it with just a series of "90 Day Fiance" hashtags. The meat of the "spoiler" was in a screencap.

It read. "Sumit is already married. He was arranged married while he and Jenny were on a break." The text adds, "Jenny knows and has known since filming began." Allegedly, the reason he did the show was to "stand up to his parents." Allegedly, the reason he can't go to the USA is "because he is legally married to this other woman and needs a divorce."

Well, this kind of thing might very well be what lost the franchise for "90 Day Fiance" a People's Choice Award.

In fact, Ashley Martson commented on that in her IG stories earlier today. Enraged fans over on the "90dayfiancecraycray" account were furious with TLC. While we only have the word of "fraudedbytlc" at this time, it seems a likely possibility. They have built a reputation for good spoilers after all. One fan immediately posted, "The show used to be about actual love. Now it's about all this fake sh*t just for views. TLC killed this show smfh."

Enraged fans slam TLC

Other fans of TLC also raged about the apparent deception by TLC. But, @s.t.gonzalez noted something most people will go with despite the apparent deception. They wrote, "The beginning seasons were nothing like this, never this fake and never all these ridiculous, obvious secrets.

Everyone from then pretty much still together, unlike the couples now and previously. This show is starting to go from entertaining to stressing..but I'll still be watching lol."

What do you think about this rumor for Jenny and Sumit? Are you amazed that it goes beyond just suggesting that Sumit's already married? Do you believe it?

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